Saturday, August 19, 2017

Comedian, Civil Rights Legend, the Iconic Dick Gregory has died

The interview I always wanted but will never get.

Dick Gregory, was a comedic genius! As a writer, standup and activist he tried to bring people together but stood ready for battle when necessary. Dick Gregory, put his body where his mouth went! He stood with Martin Luther King, Medger Evers putting his life on the line. He was never honored with the major awards like The Mark Twain Prize or Kennedy Center Honor, but without Gregory  Eddie Murphy (Mark Twain) nor L.L. Cool J (Kennedy Center Honor) would've ever such a road paved for them to receive these honors.

We can't forget landmarks like Dick Gregory, we need to celebrate him every chance we get. When Bob Hope, George Burns, and Don Rickles died we seen coast to coast coverage  with mentions on every upcoming award show for the year. Let's see this same respect shown toward this pioneer. The biggest honor you can bestow on Dick Gregory's memory is doing right by each other no matter what the race. When we see black entertainers make equal pay to white and when we see black female stars with heavy resumes and honors getting paid equal to white females  vs a soap opera super star, then Dick Gregory's Hollywood memory will truly be honored


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