Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Music Video From Award Winning Family Group, The Nelons

Hendersonville, TN (March 15th, 2017) – Daywind Records recording artist and recent GMA Hall of Fame inductees, The Nelons, are set to release their brand new music video for the song, ‘When Grandpa Sang Amazing Grace.’ The song is the current radio single from their latest album, Family Harmony. The video will debut this Friday night, March 17th, on The Nelons official YouTube channel.

‘When Grandpa Sang Amazing Grace’ was written by industry veteran Wayne Haun, along with Barbara Huffman, and has quickly become a fan favorite.
The backdrop for the new music video is rural Georgia farmland, with an unmistakable Americana look that enhances the harmonious sounds of this subtle, yet commercial track.
Jason Clark of The Nelons shares, “We have been working hard on bringing our fan base more videos and visual storytelling pieces. We realize in this culture, folks are listening to music with their eyes as much as their ears.”
The music video for ‘When Grandpa Sang Amazing Grace’ was directed and co-edited by acclaimed videographer Scott Godsey.  “Scott and his team catches our vision of colors and tapestry from music to film as well as anyone we’ve worked with,” adds Kelly Nelon Clark. The Nelons always strive to pioneer new markets, such as the concept video of ‘Excuse Me, Are You Jesus?’ taking home the prestigious New York People’s Choice TELLY Award.
Stay tuned to The Nelons official YouTube channel for more releases in the very near future. Already in production is a major music-set-to-film piece entitled, ‘The Awakening,’ in which the group will be filming on location in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

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