Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Colbie Caillat brings her intimate Malibu Sessions Tour to the Nashville Symphony by Jonathan Pushkar


Colbie Caillat and her band brought her Malibu Sessions Tour to the Nashville Symphony on November 1, 2016 

The show opened at 7:30 p.m. with a jazzy, modern R&B set from Justin Young and a modern acoustic pop set from High Dive Heart. 

The band came on around 8:30 p.m. performed Caillat’s new album, “The Malibu Sessions,” in its entirety, which offered a different concert-going experience. 

The members of the band were seated for the show, and in between songs, they would tell the audience the stories behind each song before they performed it.

The band had many of the members who wrote and performed the new album, including Caillat on lead vocals, Jason Reeves on guitar and backing vocals, Billy Hawn on percussion, Nelly Joy on guitar and backing vocals, and Justin Young on guitars, keys, and vocals.  

The band had an amazing rapport, and the show felt well-rehearsed musically while remaining relaxed when the band shared their stories.

The acoustics in the Symphony sounded phenomenal, and the sound six was among the best I had ever heard at any concert. The guitars sounded natural, the percussion was mixed just right, and (perhaps most importantly) Caillat’s pure voice cut through to the audience perfectly.

The band repeatedly thanked the audience for their participation in the show, Reeves remarked that it was the “best audience of the tour.” 

The show ended with an encore of Caillat’s past hits including “Bubbly,” “Falling for You,” “Realize,” “Lucky,” and more. 

The band was proud to share that the have all moved to Nashville (with the exception of their bassist) and were proud to tell the audience they had felt welcomed to their new hometown.

The setlist was as follows:
Gypsy Heart
Like Tomorrow Never Comes
Only You
Good Thing
Never Got Away
Don't Wanna Love You
In Love Again
Magic / Droplets / Realize
Fallin' for You / Lucky / I Never Told You
Brighter Than the Sun


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