Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Larry Gatlin-penned “Stand Up And Say So” Included in Newly Released Film 
D’Souza Unveils New Music Video for Song
Nashville, Tenn. (July 26, 2016) - Fresh music from legendary country music group Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers is featured in Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, Hillary’s America.  "Stand Up And Say So," written by Larry Gatlin, plays along with studio footage as the credits roll at the end of the film.  Over the weekend, ahead of the Democratic National Convention, filmmaker D’Souza released a new music video for the song.
In an exclusive interview, The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond caught up with Gatlin to talk about the new song and video:
Dinesh D'Souza on Saturday released a music video for his latest documentary, Hillary's America, featuring Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers singing "Stand Up and Say So," the song they wrote and performed for the film, which opened Friday.
The video features footage from the recent premiere of Hillary's America at the Republican National Convention, along with real and imagined video of Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.
"You know who you are, you lyin' so-and-so," Gatlin sings, while Hillary Clinton dances with her husband. "I know you're lyin' cuz your lips are movin'."
Hillary's America is D'Souza's third film, after 2016: Obama's America and America: Imagine a World Without Her, but it's the first of his films to feature an original song.
The release of the video coincided with an endorsement of the film from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. "Dinesh D'Souza Hillary's America. see it," Trump tweeted.
D'Souza is also taking his movie to the Democratic National Convention, which kicks off Monday in Philadelphia. A screening near the proceedings on Sunday, which features remarks by D'Souza, is sold out and the filmmakers are working to add more, they told The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday.
"I'm greatly honored that my dear friend Dinesh asked me to write a song about Hillary Clinton, the biggest criminal ever to run for the presidency of the United States," Gatlin told THR.  "If my little song helps keep her out of the White House and put my friend Donald Trump in the White House, and he asks me to come to the White House, I will break into my happy dance on the White House lawn."


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