Sunday, July 17, 2016


Christian Music legend, Carmen, wants to come to your church at no cost and he'll do everything needed for the event to be successful. How often can someone of this status be available at such a situation. 

The following statement was issued by Carmen:

FREE CONCERT AT YOUR CHURCH!! BOOKING NOW: I am taking this moment to announce that we will bring our full production, "Cinema-Sonic Experience" to your church for FREE...No charge to the church!! We have openings in the fall but they are being booked up very quickly. Our premise is very simple. The church provides the venue and some volunteers and we provide everything else. The light show, the multiple screens, the promotion, the personnel, the travel and everything else it takes to make this experience happen. All we "NEED" is a pastor and a church body that has a passion for souls and a hunger for ministry. This Sunday, ask your pastor OR forward this to his email OR share on a church sight. Requests cannot come from a member of the church or someone making a suggestion where to go. It MUST be requested by the pastor or a pastor in leadership through an email. Have him send us the name of the church, the website, seating size of the church and a short note of their passion for ministry to: NOTE: the minimal size we can do is 5-600 seats. These we will with the 3 levels of tickets as we have been doing. If the church seats 800-1200 plus then we will only do VIP and GOLD seating for those who need guaranteed seats and then open up the rest of the house for FREE! Yes you heard that right!! Over 800 capacity, general admission is FREE through Carman World Outreach moving forward. More faith brings more salvations. So please get your pastors to respond now. DON'T FORGET - Leave me a comment about what you think about the FREE admission over 800 and would you bring an unsaved loved one with you ?  Pastors send requests to:

Note from Mr Nashville: Why in the world isn't Carmen in the Gospel Music Hall Of frame????!!!


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