Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Explorers Club "Together" Listening Party Review by Jonathan Pushkar

The Explorers Club "Together" Listening Party
Review by Jonathan Pushkar

On Thursday, June 23rd, The Explorers Club hosted a private listening party for their new album "Together" at Reel Recording in Nashville, which is where the actual album was recorded. I was invited to attend, and what an honor it was.

The Explorers Club, for those who are just learning of them, are a five-piece band led by Jason Brewer that rely on catch melodies and Beach Boys-like harmonies to create a unique, rich sound that takes the listener back to the 60's and 70's era of harmony bands. The Explorers Club latest album (which releases today!) is jam-packed with tight harmonies, punchy pop tunes, and slow ballads, all of which call to mind the classic "surf" sound.

At the listening party, the folks at Reel Recording spun the new record and played it throughout the studio. It was a surreal experience to listen to the album on 180 gram vinyl in the very room where it was recorded and crafted to harmonious perfection.

"Together" is out today, and you can find it on all major music platforms.

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