Sunday, June 19, 2016

FINDING DORY Review By: Johnathan Pushkar

Finding Dory review - 8/10 stars

Finding Dory is Pixar's latest film and a sequel to the 2003 film Finding Nemo, which has since become a classic among Pixar's films. That said, Finding Dory was guaranteed a wide appeal but was also burdened with delivering a solid film without feeling too much like a "repeat."

The film was animated beautifully, using unique shots of light traveling through water and the physics of the underwater world to introduce unique backgrounds and settings. I felt the animation itself was one of its strong points of this film, as it felt totally different from other recent animated films. Consider the fact that 71% of our planet Earth is made up of water, and yet we know so little about it. It is also true that we rarely see films taking place almost entirely underwater, so the setting of Finding Dory was refreshing in that sense as well.

The story was classic Pixar, interesting the viewer right off the bat while pulling on your heartstrings at just the right places thought the film. The characters were lovable and the dialogue was cute, funny and understandable for all audiences of all ages. 

My only real complaint with this film was the pacing. The pacing seemed like a roller coaster, which is understandable to keep kids' attention, but clearly isn't necessary compared to past Disney films. Consider Cars or Wall-E, both of which gradually built up to the climax, where as Finding Dory rapidly approaches the climax. There were some points of the film that felt a little too similar to Finding Nemo, but I went in expecting this considering how similar the plots were.

All-in-all, Finding Dory is a fun film suitable for all ages. I would definitely recommend seeing it, especially if you were a fan of Finding Nemo!


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