Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pure and Simple! Dolly Delights with Set List

(Dolly takes the stage at The Ryman Auditorium. Please excuse poor quality of photos. Camera phone shots)

Dolly Parton, looked and sounded amazing, raised thousands for charity and performed where she and so many others got their career start, The Ryman Auditorium. There's something about the Ryman that's majestic! 

Only complaints were the heat! It was very hot and at best warm. That many people jammed together on church pews/benches leaves a lot to be desired. The smell of alcohol, cigarettes and body odor could not detour the joy that Dolly brings to a show. A few times I wanted to smack people who disrespectfully talk during the ballads, gospel and sweeter songs. Younger people have a lack of respect. 

Dolly Parton Pure and Simple Set List 7/31/15 Ryman Auditorium (Benefit for Dustin Wells Foundation)

1. Backwoods Barbie
2. Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That
3. Jolene 
4. Precious Memories
5. Tennessee Mountain Home
6. Coat of Many Colors
7. Smoky Mountain Memories
8. Applejack
9. The Seeker
10. The Grass Os Blue
11. Blue Smoke
12. PMS Blues
13. Little Sparrow (A hint of If I Had Wings added at the end)
14. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
15. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind 78 Speed
16. Burning Medley: Baby I'm Burning, Something's Burning, Great Balls Of Fire, This Girl Is On Fire
17. Two Doors Down
18. Here You Come Again
19. Islands In The Stream
20. 9to5
21. I Will Always Love You

You can watch a youtube video of Do I Ever Cross Your Mind by going here:
(Tom Rutledge, Richard Dennison, Dolly and Kent Wells sing Do I Ever Cross Your Mind)

Dolly does another performance at The Ryman tonight (Sun, Aug 1) benefiting the Grand Ole Opry Trustfund, in Nashville, before heading to Dollywood (Pigeon Forge), to do 2 shows daily this coming Sat and Sun. 

I ran into my friends, Dolly's background vocalists from
Albums and past tours and met fiddle playin maestro Jimmy Mattingly for the first time. Richard, Jennifer and Vicki have sang on many of my records.Great people!
(Jimmy Mattingly, Richard Dennison, Jennifer Obrien, Me and darling Vicki Hampton)


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