Saturday, August 22, 2015

Atlanta's Real Housewives Season 8 Post Nene Era Beginith

Real Housewives of Atlanta, post Nene Leakes, has producers busy if the rumor mill is true! 

TMZ, has reported that Amiyah Scott, a transgender model is joining the cast. To me this seems like a jump on the band wagon type of desperation. Who knows? Maybe it will add to the show but we will have to see.

The great news, if true, is that former Housewife, Sheree Whitfield, is rejoining the cast. Sheree, offered all kinds of drama, style and quips! Nene, made it clear she will never work with her again, so I don't see a comeback for Nene, to the show soon. 

Marlo Hampton, is back with the Georgia peaches as a "friend" role. Why don't they give Marlo, the peach already! She's more fun, stylish and drama filled than any if the cast, past or present! 

Looking forward to Season 8! 


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