Thursday, September 18, 2014

Joan Rivers Tribute

Tributes continue to pour in for Comedy Icon Joan Rivers. Friday, the E! Channel, will air a Fashion Police marathon. The homage will be known as "Joan Day" and will include episodes taped shortly before her untimely/unnatural death. "Joan Day" will include a tribute from her Fashion Police co-hosts. Melissa Rivers, Joan's only child and best friend will join the cast for the special honoring her mother.

Over the years I've met some who didn't care for Joan's unabashed, take no prisoners style of comedy, stating it was "mean spirited"! Those people didn't understand, all public figures were the subject of Joan's humorous barbs, most of all herself! Some celebrities were offended while others celebrated being part of her act. 

Though I had met Joan, I wasn't a personal friend. Once I earned the badge of honor of being heckled by her during her act. Some friends and I were guests of Joan's during one of her performances and were to meet her after her set. Ms. Rivers asked where I was from and after replying with Nashville, she referred to me as "Nashville" while ribbing me. Afterwards Joan bought me a glass of white wine. That night she gave me a rose from her dressing room that I have to this day, a cherished memento. After that night when she'd see me again, she remembered everything from the first meeting! Always a classy lady offstage! 

To see a vibrant, healthy, resilient, beautiful woman being robbed of her life and stolen from her only child and grandchild sickens me. The alleged negligence of the physicians and staff is appalling. Millions around the world are mourning not because they WERE friends with Joan, rather they feel, as do I that she was a friend of OURS. I think Joan, likely felt the same about all of us!
You are loved Joan!



Blogger You've Been Dustified said...

Larry...I couldn't have said it better. She was fabulous and funny and generous and loving. You're so right. Those who thought she was mean, just didn't understand. She once said that she got famous by saying out loud what everyone else was thinking. She was so right. I watched the special tonight and it was beautiful.

September 19, 2014 at 6:44 PM  

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