Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dolly In Car Accident, Announces World Tour

"I was in a fender bender this morning here in Nashville, but I'm all good... Just a little tired and sore. Resting at home now!" ---Dolly Parton via twitter.

Love, prayers, and best wishes go out to Dolly Parton. Monday, a driver failed to yield and hit Dolly's car, driven by best friend Judy Ogle. According to police reports, all three individuals involved were taken to the hospital and treated with minor injuries.

The accident comes on the heels of Dolly's announcement of her world tour. Dolly's European tour dates have been released and are available at www.dollypartonmusic.net. In a statement from Dolly's publicist, it was revealed that VIP packages would be available for this tour. VIP patrons will have the opportunity to get tour backstag, visit Dolly's wardrobe, instruments, and MEET the country queen herself!

Dolly: Homegirl Got Skills

Afro in tow, Dolly Parton was busting rhymes on the Queen Latifah Show, Monday. This rap routine has went viral and caught the eye of nearly every media outlet known to man. Lets hope Saturday Night Live's Producer, Loren Michaels caught the skit and comes calling! It's way past time for Dolly Parton to host Saturday Night Live again. Anyone else agree?