Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Randy Travis In Critical Condition, Congestive Heart Failure, Stroke

Traditional Country Music star, Randy Travis, is in critical condition, after surgery, following a stroke. Publicist, Kirt Webster, said the surgery was to relieve pressure on his brain. 

Doctors share that Travis, shows signs of improvement, yet remains in critical condition with congestive heart failure stemming from a viral illness. 

In recent news, Travis, has had some bad press. The crooner has had troubles with divorce, a traffic accident, bouts with the law, and much more. 

Lets keep prayers for Travis, along with his family, in our hearts with urgency. 

Hasselbeck Departs View, Joins Fox and Friends

It's news that viewers have been expecting for a while, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, announced she was leaving the View, on Wednesday. Hasselbeck, will be joining Fox News's Fox and Friends. Barbara Walters tended to lead Elisabeth's announcement, ever so kindly, making the news a softer blow for the Viewers.

For months rumors have swirled that Elisabeth's departure was soon to come. Surprisingly, Joy Behar, announced her departure first. At the time of Behar's departure, gossip and leaks increased, this time of Walters and Hasselbeck departing. Both of these supposed rumors, came to fruition, now the latest conversation is that Brooke Shields and Jenny McCarthy, will replace Joy and Elisabeth.

Personally, I love the View, but I'm not crazy about McCarthy or Shields, joining the panel. Both of the ladies are definitely famous enough, but are they View material? McCarthy is very comedic and entertaining but doesn't the View have enough comedians? I always felt that Whoopi, Sheri, and Joy, were a comic or two to many. McCarthy, has proven that she can be serious at times, she proved that with the autism activism she has taken on (her son is autistic). Shields, on the other hand is a more serious, View type choice. 

Walters's departure is a tough blow to the credibility of the View. Do you think President Obama would have actually appeared on the show with a cast of comics, with one known for sticking her tongue out and being spread eagle in men's nudie mags (McCarthy)? I think it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Barbara Walters's absence means bigger, more notable, serious, respected leaders are further from the show's reach. The only salvation is that Walters will remain as the Executive Producer of the show. Possibly, her pull will help in this fashion.

I've actually been backstage at the View. Several years back, I produced an album with Carol Channing, who made an appearance on the show to promote the title. (By the way you should buy it: Carol Channing: For Heaven's Sake; available in stores or at The atmosphere at the View was incredibly kind. Whoopi, was a charming, gracious host, on and off screen. I was most impressed with Executive Producer, Bill Gedde, who watched portions of the show from the green room with intensity, and admiration.

ABC and the View, have their work cut out for them. I think they should search long and hard before making permanent decisions regarding the cast. Losing Elisabeth's conservative view point will hurt the show if it's not replaced. The View will lose it's credibility if that viewpoint of America isn't represented. The show will take on the stereotypical Hollywood liberal chat fest, against conservative America. I think this will alienate viewers. Steering a ship to far to the left or to far to the right, will only result in disaster.