Saturday, June 29, 2013

Publisher Bails on Paula Deen

Paula Deen, has suffered another blow, her publisher, Ballantine Books, drops her latest cook book. The cook book pre-sales, were through the roof, so the news is shocking to me. I assume they were under pressure to make this decision.

"Paula Deen's New Testament", was number one for pre-orders on Amazon, and the book isn't to release until October.

This entire situation with Paula Deen, is very distressing. I don't condone any form of racism, but I'm not certain, that the punishment is fair for the crime. From what we understand, Paula, used the N word many years ago. If  it was years ago, and she apologized, why does it matter?

I met Paula twice and thought she was a lovely person
One issue people are having with Paula, is the revelation that she wanted to hold a "Southern Plantation Wedding", with black wait staff dressed in white coats like slaves. Certainly, a very poor decision. However, restaurants all over the South, actually do this, to this day. In Nashville, The Belle Meade Cafeteria, in Nashville, employed an entire wait staff in this same fashion, African Americans dressed in white coats. The Belle Meade Cafeteria, closed a few years back, due to a rental disagreement. While not many other places in Nashville, still function this way, but all over the South, many do.

I hope that everyone will be more sensitive when speaking about others. I hope I can hold true to the task. Innocent or even guilty words can come back to haunt you if you are in the public eye, suddenly your whole world can be taken away from you. 


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