Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In Memory Of George Jones

I've purposely waited before creating a blog concerning the death of George Jones. What can be said about the King Of Country, that hasn't been said. With the death of George Jones, we've truly lost one of the greatest singers of any type of music.

George and his wife Nancy, are very dear to my heart. They were dear friends. My heart aches for Nancy, she lost a huge part of herself with George's death. The two of them were a power couple, yet they loved each other, they were so cute together, like watching your grandparents. One thing is for certain, they loved each other. The Possum, told me on several occasions that he wouldn't have had a second chance at his career or his life, without the love and help of Nancy.

With a funeral fit for a King, George, truly had a worthy send off. I know George, is in Heaven. After his near fatal car crash, George, made sure he was right with Jesus.

The loss of the Possum, is only a reminder that we're slowing losing Country Music. Yes, newer artists are coming up, under the guise of  "Country Music", but the authentic music form is slipping away. I can't urge people enough to take advantage of the gifts of the artists that are still here with us. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.

George Jones, was a true original. Frank Sinatra, always considered himself the best singer in the world, he once said that George, was the second best singer in the world. That was a huge compliment coming from Sinatra, but I have to take issue with that comment, George was the best! No male singer can come close to those highs, lows, and tear jerking notes that made George Jones, the best friend a song ever had.

Months before George died, Nancy, called and said she and George wanted me to produce his last CD. Sadly, we didn't get to do the album, but the fact that they asked me, of all the great producers in Nashville, means more to me than if you had handed me a Grammy Award. I'll always be grateful for their friendship and encourage everyone to stay deep in prayer for Nancy, she has a hard road ahead of her as she picks up the  pieces and creates a new life for herself.