Thursday, March 21, 2013

Both Reba and Jennifer Love Hewitt want Dolly

Country Music stars are all over prime time television and I love it. We have Kellie Pickler and Wynonna, on Dancing With the Stars. There's Trace Adkins on Celebrity Apprentice All Stars. Blake Shelton on The Voice. Reba McEntire has her own sitcom. We can't leave out that we have the evening soap, Nashville.

But where's Country Music and Nashville's brightest star in all of this? Where's Dolly? Naturally we see Dolly, on the talk show circuit when she has a new project, but folks want to see her beautiful face a little more in prime time.

Reba McEntire, has hopes of Dolly and Jane Fonda, guesting on her new ABC series, Malibu Country, which Lily Tomlin costars as the redhead's mom. Her hopes is to have a wink and nod reunion for the three 9to5 costars (Parton, Fonda, Tomlin).

Jennifer Love Hewitt, dreams of Dolly, guesting on The Client's List. Wouldn't this be fun? Hewitt's series is based in Texas, she runs a massage parlor with some of it's girls going a little further with the clients. I think Dolly should go on the show, her character's name should be Mona, in tribute to the Best Little Whorehouse In Texas! What do you guys think?

Dolly has stated she's a fan of the Voice and wouldn't mind being on the show, because unlike other competition shows, the celebrities are mentors more than judges. I think she would be great. This year they have switched out Ceelo with Usher and Christina with Shakira. Maybe next year Dolly can switch out with Blake. I think you'd see a huge new interest and audience for Dolly Parton, should that ever present it'self. She doesn't need the voice to be a star, she's the biggest there is, but she could burn a little brighter with a show like that!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kandi Sues Kim Zolciak Over Tardy For The Party

Kim Zolciak, or as I like to refer to her, the hemorrhoid, is back in the news. Kandi Burrus, the writer for Kim's club hit, "Don't Be Tardy For The Party", for back royalties. To make the situation more fun, RHOA's Phardra Parks, is representing Kandi, in the lawsuit. 

Real Housewives Of Atlanta fans, will remember Kim's fiasco surrounding her hit song, "Don't Be Tardy For The Party", and it's writer, Kandi. For those of you who aren't up to speed, Kim, recorded Kandi's composition, the song took off, and the writer/producer is still waiting on  her check. At the RHOA Reunion, a couple years ago, Kandi, revealed that their verbal agreement was to split the proceeds 50/50. Kim's lawyer, later advised his client that 50/50 was too much. Neither had a written agreement, Kandi got jipped.

Kim's rep spoke to the New York Daily News, telling the publication that Kandi, was trying to get another 15 minutes of fame, she criticized the hiring of Phaedra-, and made comments about the timing being close to the premiere of Kandi's new Bravo series, "The Kandi Factory", among other things. 

Someone needs to check their watch! Kim's 15 minutes of fame was ended a long time ago, mainly when she was fired from Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Kandi Buruss, is a Grammy award winning writer, producer, and singer. I think to say she needs 15 minutes of fame is pretty brazen!

According to, Kandi's suit isn't about the money. “It’s time for the whole ordeal to be over. I asked TuneCore to take the song down in December 2012. They did,” Kand stated. “Kim sent an affidavit to put it back up, which they did. TuneCore then informed me that in order for the song to be taken down permanently I would need to file suit to have it removed.”

Kandi and Don Vito, produced the song, and she feels that Kim, should no longer benefit from the song, they created. 

Zolciak, probably doesn't have a chance in winning the case. The two both agreed that Kim, put nothing financially toward the creation of the song, nor did she in anyway write the song. Since she didn't honor their 50/50 split verbal agreement, she could possibly have to pay more, or have the song removed all together. No matter what happens, the writer and producer do get a percentage of the royalties from the sales of a song. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wynonna and Kellie Brought It On DWTS!

Wynonna and Kellie Pickler, made their Dancing with The Stars debut tonight! Fans seem to love them! Kellie, was looking pretty wonderful, minus the Peter Pan hair cut. You can't be in Country Music or on Dancing with The Stars, without big hair. Even Nancy Grace found that out! Wy, really rocked out, sass, pizaaz! Momma, Naomi and sister, Ashley were in the audience cheering Wy on!

I'm not a reporter so I don't have the scores but dang!,  Country is taking over some TV! I'm glad! Lets just bring some more TV to Nashville!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who should replace Joy Behar on The View?

With Joy Behar, leaving the View, who do you think should take her place? Wendy Williams, suggested Bette Midler or Lisa Lampanelli. Great choices but I'm sure Bette, is too expensive and Lisa, is to controversial.

Personally, I think three stand up comedians on a panel is a bit much, since they deal with serious topics. The panel, is currently politically unbalanced. Elizabeth Hasselbach, is the only conservative.

It would be great if Barbara Walters, pulled someone out of left field, as she did with Whoopi Goldberg, no one was expecting that choice!

Judge Jeanine Pirro, has been a guest panelist, she'd be great consideration. Pirro, is educated and can hold her own with the ladies. Her conservative leanings would balance the panel a bit more. Pirro, has a weekly, current events show on The Fox News Channel.

If a comedian is in their leanings, Joan Rivers, would be amazing. Joan, has had several talk shows, and won an Emmy for her daytime talk show. Some of the staff at the View, over the years, worked on River's Emmy winning daytime series. Chances are they would be ageist within their decision and feel, Joan, wasn't young enough. Joan's probably too busy with her two current shows; WE TV's Joan Knows Best and E! Channel's Fashion Police.

I'd love to see them shake things up and add a Southerner to the show! Wouldn't Paula Deen, be a great choice? She's hilarious, unpredictable, an everyday woman, so to speak. Deen, could also spice up (pardon the pun), those tired cooking segments that daytime television likes to put the world through. But again, she has her own series on The Food Network.

Thinking of other Southerners, there's Nancy Grace! Nancy, is pretty busy with her evening HLN series, and lives in Georgia. However, I would think, The View, would be better for her career, long term. But it's doubtful she'd do both shows, as she has her twins at home.

Another Southerner, who'd actually be a great choice is Naomi Judd. Judd, has hosted a talk show for the Hallmark Channel, in the past. Panel experience is also on her resume, she was a judge on CMT's Can You Duet. Most of all she's pretty opinionated.

Thinking outside the South, it would be nice to add someone who has some knowledge of the music industry. The View, interviews music stars and discusses events like The Grammys, having someone with knowledge on the subject, could make a better mix.

Marie Osmond, has proven she can host a talk show. It would be interesting as she's pretty conservative, she's Mormon, which would also be a twist. Osmond, does have a chat show on Hallmark, so she's probably out.

I think bringing back some familiar faces to daytime could be a familiar welcome. Sally Jessy Raphael, who had the number two rated daytime talk show for years. There's also Jenny Jones!

When The View, went to air almost a decade and half ago, it had a pretty balanced panel, made up with women who seemed to represent most of the demographic differences of America. Over the years I think they've strayed from this. Most viewers, are surely aware, that politically, the show isn't balanced.

Barbara, who used to remain pretty apolitical, has been more vocal, leaning cautiously to the left. Whoopi, pretty partisan and liberal, though when she started was more middle of the road in her discussions on the panel. Joy Behar, feverishly liberal, to the point of coming across angry. Sheri Shepard, who started out more conservative, when it came to social matters that went against her Christian faith, has become pretty liberal politically on all matters. No matter what you believe politically, you have to concede that this isn't a balanced panel. One conservative, against four liberals, is pretty much always going to look like the disagreeable pawn.

I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Look At Douglas and Damon as Liberace and Lover

Here's the cover of Entertainment Weekly with Michael Douglas as the piano virtuoso, Liberace, along with Matt Damon, as lover, Scott Thorson.

Steven Sonderbergh's biopic of Liberace, has been anxiously awaited by Hollywood enthusiasts all over. The film starts in 1977, Liberace is ruling Vegas, and he secures an 18 year old, Thorson. Later Liberace, dies of Aids and Thorson, sues with claims that he never knew about the singer's ailment and was subject to unprotected sex, which could have endangered his life. Sounds like it'll be good!

Any biopic on a legend is welcomed by me. Lets hope Mae West, with Dolly Parton, will be revived. If Dolly, has totally moved on, then there's Mae by Bette Midler! Amazing! Lets hope!