Thursday, January 3, 2013

Update On Georgia's Plans for Little Richard's Childhood Home

Today I received exclusive notification for the plans that will take place on Little Richard's childhood home in Macon, Georgia. Several reports erroneously reported that the house will be turned into a museum. Here is the information from the Office Of Communications I received in a statement released exclusively to today.

"The childhood home of Little Richard will not be turned into a museum, it will be used as a resource center for the community. The resource center will be, among other things, a repository for the oral and written history that will be collected as part of the mitigation slated for the interchange project. As part of the project the house will be relocated (to a lot adjacent to the Community Garden on the west side of I-75) and rehabilitated to retain its historic integrity. The overall mitigation efforts have started, actual work on the " Little Richard House" will likely begin towards the end of 2013. Currently, the rehabilitation plans for the house are being developed. All the mitigation is scheduled to be completed by mid 2015."

It would have been great to have had an incredible Little Richard museum however, this is an amazing effort to bring hope and light to his home area and I'm sure us fans will get to take a gander inside.


Blogger Macleata Kirkwood said...

I want a museum!!!

October 22, 2016 at 7:03 AM  

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