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My Take On Real Housewives Of Miami Reunion 1 & 2

Anyone that knows me can attest that I'm a huge Real Housewives franchise fan. It started with my love for Nene Leakes, then came Jersey, after watching one of their Reunion specials when nothing else was on. I swore after that NO MORE! Nene and Atlanta, I'd stay faithful to you, but have occasional trysts with the Jersey girls. Slowly, came the OC, but NYC girls--never, then came DC (which I loved!), then Beverly Hills, excitingly, I gave in to Real Housewives of New York City.

I didn't catch season one of Real Housewives of Miami, but did go back and watch the entire season thanks to youtube. It's my favorite of the franchise series. I'm sorry Nene, I love you and your my favorite, legitimate housewife, but I fell in LOVE with RHOM's Mama Elsa (Patton). Mama Elsa, should be a housewife because she is more entertaining than most of the wives on the show. I genuinely would love a whole series of her. I do think that Bravo has not found the right time slot, nor it's right audience for the Miami franchise. Hopefully Bravo, will do something they are pretty skilled in, building an audience for the show. They may have a good start because the RHOM Reunion 1 & 2 were some of the best in Bravo history!

Before I go into my take on the Reunion specials, let me share some thoughts on why I think Bravo has some rethinking to do when (hopefully when and not if) they re-launch the series. I think Elaine the drag queen has to be a lesser character, her storyline took up too much space in the season. To be honest, a lot of the "hype" and "excitement" came from non-housewife characters, ala Thomas Kramer, Freda (which I loved), Alexia (who annoys me), and the Queen of the whole show Mama Elsa. If the housewives aren't interesting, then you need to rethink them, and some are a YAWN!

Ana, was a bore the entire season. Ana's daughters and sorta husband were much more entertaining than she was. From day one she was a snooze fest, she isn't very attractive either, and if the show were about middle aged women, who get along with their ex husbands, she'd make the cut. She just doesn't fit the housewife cast.

I feel really bad saying that Karen, was boring because the woman was attacked and bullied all season. Karent, was kind and sweet, but her storyline didn't do anything for the show, until the women turned on her like sharks. So, I can see keeping her around for that purpose, to create a war of the women on the show, or to see how her friendship pans out. If she plans to stay on the show, she'll have to step up her game.

I love Marysol, she's a keeper. I would like to see her interact with celeb clients and more scenes with Mama Elsa. I'm not sure if Mama Elsa, is up to doing more on the show, but if she is they need to up the footage with her. I’d like to see Marysol’s divorce finalize, then she could MARRY ME!

Joanna and Adriana, cancel themselves out as far as like-ability, but they are keepers. Leah, I loved, but she lost my respect, when she allowed Nazi real estate mogul, Thomas Krammer, belittle and demean Mama Elsa, at Karent's party. Ms. Black, is hilarious, glamorous, and lots of fun. Sadly, the feud with Marysol, was not Leah's best hour, she needs to make that situation right. In my eyes, she better never hang Elsa out to dry again.

My take on the Real Housewives Of Miami Reunion Part 1 & 2—

The Reunion, should have been a 3 part reunion, because the season had so many stories going. Sadly, we only were given two Reunion specials, but they were steaming HOT. If Bravo, wants to build an audience, they need to re-air these Reunions in every vacant spot. If the Reunions, get exposure, they will build an audience for the series.

Ana- I think she watched the season and realized she was not adding anything to the series, and was a complete yawn, so she amped up big time, for the Reunion! Ana, dialed up her sarcasm, venomous tongue, and her claws came out. Her main target, on the specials, was Leah Black. Personally, I feel that she is jealous of Leah for having everything she would like to have--money, a loving husband, and notoriety. Loyalty to Marysol, may play a part in some of her "Leah Black Attack"!

Accusations against Leah, some of which didn't make it on the air, lead to character assassinations, eventually saying Leah did her best work "on her back". I, don't think most of us watching the show feel this way about Leah Black. Ms. Ana, continued, that Leah, wasn't a self-made woman because she was from Texas and "peddled cold creams from the trunk of her car". On the other hand, Ana, was a self- made woman, because she had immigrant parents that put her through college, law school, and because she had two daughters, who were socially not awkward, and a marriage for 20 plus years???? Well, Ana, thinks so! Sorry to burst Ana's bubble, but her marriage is ending in divorce, her kids may not be socially awkward, but that's not saying much (parents-higher hopes please). Immigrant parents sending you to college, says more for them, than you, and that, would counter the "self made" comparison between you and Leah.

Ana, continued to try to dominate the entire 1 & 2 specials. Naturally, she went after Karent. The Rudalfo conspiracy thickened, with the accusation that he is gay. I, think "gay", doesn't come to mind when describing the playboy ways of Rudalfo. We have seen, how many women he has in the wings. Yikes! Ana, I know is bitter because she didn't make the cut. Bitter, seems to be the keyword with Ana.

Leah- Poor Leah, took a beat down from Ana. In the end, Leah, came out smelling like a rose. Leah, tried to, and did so effectively, remain a "lady". Don't get me wrong, Leah, deserved a good "talk down", after she let Mama Elsa, get berated by Nazi Krammer, this season. I'd say, Leah, paid her penance for the crime, with what she was subjected to in the Reunions. While Leah, didn't take what Ana, said sitting down (literally-she stood up), she combated her nemesis with class. I, would have loved to have seen Leah, pull out some of those jabs of hers.

Mama Elsa, did defend her baby girl, Marysol, and Leah, accepted that, siting she would feel the same way, if her son had been the subject of the situation. So, kudos to Leah, she wore her classy, big girl panties. She also has befriended Karent, citing that the girl's punishment of her, didn't fit the crime.

Karent- Didn't really speak up as much as I thought she should. In this group of girls, the one that shouts--err-talks loudest gets heard. Leah, Lisa, and Karen, didn't do so well with talking over the other girls. Karent, actually has some witty things to say, and if she lit a fire, she could burn the girls down. So far, she's quietly rubbing sticks together.

Marysol- Proved she wasn't taking Leah's attacks any more. Whenm Leah, stated that Ana, threw things out about people that were untrue (Rudalfo being gay), Marysol, quickly brought up Leah's "green card" comments about her marriage, to Philippe. Marysol, is the show's princess, we need more of her on the show. I, do like to see her get feisty, but you can tell, she likes peace, which makes you love her more.

Joanna and Adriana- These two had left the season as friends. I guess that didn't last long, because they were after each other the entire show. Adriana, accused Joanna, of racism for posting "light will overcome darkness". Adriana, my dear heart, that's a common saying, nothing to do with skin color. I hate it when racism is just thrown out as a character assassination. She took on Joanna's spanglish comments, using it to her advantage, she called Joanna, HO-anna, for effect.

Lisa- Revealed she didn't consider herself a feminist, she didn't mind being called a fembot, and that the only surgery her husband performed on her, were the breasts. She had great things to say, but remains calm. Her look would have you think she's really feisty and would love a cat fight, in actuality she's like a kitty. Amp it up, if you want your points heard.

Alexia- This woman needs to go home. She adds nothing to the show, her appearances are like infomercials for her magazine. One thing is certain, she didn't like Joanna’s comments, that word on the street was, she had a gay husband. She is the loudest, rudest of all the ladies. Lisa and Karent, did expose her, for her excitement in hurting Karent. She was caught in lies when she said Karent, never cared about her son's accident, admitting she did get calls and texts, that she supposedly appreciated. Ha, I bet!

I think, this woman is more annoying than Atlanta's Kim Zolziak. Her oldest son was recently arrested for video taping an assault on a homeless man. While the homeless man slept he punched him in his testicles. Alexia, made excuses for her son and said it was just him acting out, because he had all this bottled up anger, over his brother's accident. B. S.---own it, your son is a punk! He gets the bully mentality from you.

Mama Elsa- Amazing, but not featured long enough on the reunion! Mama, let Joanna, know that she was a "good friend but a very bad enemy", for calling her a prostitute, they did clear up that Joanna, actually called her the devil, not a prostitute. Joanna, was drunk, when she made the comment, and was livid, because her Pet- friendly mind, didn't like, Marysol, wearing a fur. Karent, at one point  was going to make a comment, and Mama quickly stated, "I'm not talking to you, number three", her seated position.

We also found out that, Mama Elsa, was a spiritual adviser to Madonna, and, Thomas Krammer, hasn't apologized, but, has asked her to go out with him to events, she has no desire to speak to him (thank God). Elsa, shared about her plastic surgery and that she felt she didn't have good luck with surgeons. When Andy asked, if she was a spiritual healer, or physic, Elsa, said that the company, amongst them, wasn't spiritual enough to understand, so she would rather not discuss it.

Andy Cohen- I, don't think I would call Andy, an effective moderator, on these Reunions. He's hilarious, fun, and always great on the Reunions about calling out "below the belt" attacks, this time he didn't. Andy, let Ana's crusade go on the entire show, it was annoying after a while. He, defended her, when Leah, stated that, Ana, made gratuitous barbs, pointing out that, she too, loved gratuitous barb. I think, Leah's jabs, are always "outright" comedic jabs, Ana, on the other hand, was going for blood. Andy, I feel, should have stepped in and called Ana, out, and also should have had a better hold of the specials.


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