Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!

Happy Birthday to Dolly Parton who was born January 19, 1946. It's been such an honor to have known Dolly, first as a fan, later as a friend in the music community. It's been my delight to work with Dolly on several occasions and produce two songs with her. Dolly is one of the most gracious, extremely gifted, and witty people I've ever met.

I could write a book on Dolly's accolades, business savvy, philanthropy, talent, gifts, and whit. The book would never end. One only hopes they can leave a small percentage of the mark that Dolly has left on the world. If anyone could coin the phrase, "I want to do it all, " Dolly could, because she has.

To pin down a word that best describes Dolly, it would have to be "bridge". Never has a personality connected so many audiences together who ordinarily would never cross paths. Long before anyone heard of Shania Twain or Taylor Swift, Dolly had took country music into the pop music world. Audiences that would never embrace country music, embraced Dolly Parton.

No other singer could pull the audience diversity that Dolly has. One day she could have duets with Gospel Music legends such as Dottie Rambo and Vestal Goodman, the next day she could be recording a dance tune with Boy George. Jamming with Bluegrass Queen, Rhonda Vincent is as normal as performing with Rockers; Bonnie Raitt and Melisa Etheridge. Bridging the gap between music audiences with quality and ease, making them feel as if that is the community in which she belonged, it's second nature to her.

As the world sits in anticipation of her next incredible project, one thing is certain, God broke the mold when she was born. Happy Birthday Dolly and I will Always Love You!


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