Thursday, January 17, 2013

Billy Ray Cyrus, Don Williams Return To APA

APA Senior Vice President Steve Lassister, released a statement today that Billy Ray Cyrus and Don Williams would be returning to the roster of the talent giant's agency.

“We are thrilled to have Billy Ray Cyrus and Don Williams back into the APA family of artists and very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead,” Lassister said in a statement through publicist Kirt Webster. “It’s an honor to be representing them again and it’s always a pleasure when former clients come home.”

The release also revealed that Cyrus, would release a book this spring and tour the US and Australia.

Don Williams is a Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and a legend! I or one, am excited he's making such strides to continue giving us quality traditional country music. Nothing like hearing a song that actually has meaning and not about shaking their hiney!


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