Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wow, it's been a while since, Mr. Nashville Talks (that would be me) actually did some talking!! I'm sure no one was waiting at the edge of their seats to hear what sarcastic rant I would post next, but never the less, I'm back! 

Wanda Jackson & I in her dressing room after her show at 3rd and Lindsley
Wanda Jackson's latest album, Unfinished Business, is a must for your collection. The Sugar Hill Records release is a great combination of Wanda's classic rockabilly, blended with some country to give you pure listening pleasure.

Last Friday Wanda tore the house down at 3rd and Lindsley (great venue for intimate shows) in Nashville. At 75 years young Wanda dazzled the crowd, flirted a little, talked about wearing Elvis's ring and being his girl, face it folks----Wanda's the Queen Of Rockabilly!

Little Richard 
My buddy, Chris Barnes and I took a trip to Pensacola, Florida to hear the "King Of Rock and Roll", Little Richard! Believe me, Little Richard's shows do not disappoint. The place was full of people from all ages, young and old, 9 to 99, they were dancing all over the place. 

With Little Richard & Chris after the show
No one can command a stage like Richard and his band. If you're ever asked what an authentic Rock and Roll band sounds like, take them to a Little Richard show for an answer.

King Charles Glenn
After the show Richard had us over to his hotel for several hours and it was a blast getting to visit with friends, King Charles Glenn and Kelvin Holly who I've worked with before and just bow to their greatness :) ! It was great getting to visit with both Mark 1 and Mark 2. I hate it that I somehow missed Harvey Thompson at the show, but he tore it up on stage!

Angel Lee, the Queen
It was really wonderful to get to hang out with my sweet, dear friend "The Angel Lee", the Queen of Little Richard's heart after all these years. Of course, Richard, an amazing host, great man, a legend, an icon, and the man that created Rock and Roll! But most of all, my friend!

George Jones and I after breakfast at Cracker Barrel
Hung out with George and Nancy Jones a bit this year. We were going to be working on some things together but George's last "Grand Tour" schedule is keeping him pretty busy. You couldn't meet two greater people. Nancy Jones, she's more than a wife and manager, she is the powerhouse that keeps the machine going. So glad to know them. You really need to catch one of the "Grand Tour" concert dates, no one should leave this world without hearing a George Jones concert! He'll always be the King Of Country Music and the best friend a song ever had.
Pierce Ferguson, Ricky Skaggs, Christian Ferguson and Sharon White

Earlier this year, my sons, Pierce (8) and Christian (12) got to come hang out in the studio with Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White. It was nice to have the boys step into my world a bit and at the same time soak in all the God-given talent Ricky and Sharon bring to a room. Ricky and Sharon are great Christian people and great friends. If you see the Skaggs name on a project, whether's it's Ricky's solo projects or someone he's produced, you can bet it's amazing. 


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