Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's Paycheck Docked

Lindsay Lohan is being accused of trashing her trailer on the set of Scary Movie 5, because producer's wouldn't give into her demands. Lohan says she's being framed. The actress was a no show for the first day of shooting and when she showed up to the set, she claims she walked into a trashed trailer. Producers for the film told her that she wouldn't be getting her full pay check because they would be deducting $10,000.
Charlie Sheen is also in the film stated in another interview the reason he loaned Lindsay 100,000 for her tax debt was because she wasn't being paid the money she was owed during Scary Movie 5. So, the trailer trash (no pun intended) was the reason. Sheen went on to say that since loaning her the money she never called to say thank you, never wrote a thank you note, never sent a text, and he hasn't heard from her since. He plays the situation up with humor but you can tell he's secretly peed off, he can't fool anyone, we know he wanted more than a text for that 100,000. Who could blame him for trying, Lindsay's looking GOOD these days, if she wanted to trash my trailer I wouldn't mind!


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