Friday, December 14, 2012

Kim Hoe-ziak (Oops!) Zolciak Calls Housewives Castmembers The N-Word!

Avid fans of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta got a treasure chest full of fun watching Kim Zolciak lie, make excuses, commit and decline to go on the "girl's trip" to Anguilla. Very pregnant (or maybe she had Danny Devito stuffed in her dress), she berated the cast as they questioned why she would make them arrange their schedules to accommodate hers, only for her to cancel. Insult to injury, she and husband, Kroy, are going on their own getaway at the same time. Bottom line, Kim lied!
Kim Hoe-ziak is known for her questionable behavior after all she was a mistress to "Big Papa" for many years. Most recently she was evicted from her "dream house, while the landlord also served as a floral designer for Kim's wedding, says she was stiffed on the bill! But the antics above all antics is her feud with her parents who she threw out of her wedding because her mom refused to use the port a potty.

Ms. Hoe-ziak topped it all though (if her cast mates are truthfu--and I bet they are), when she stormed out of the Anguilla conversation, she called the girls the unpardonable sin, the N-word! Yeah that's a way to leave a confrontation with five very successful African American women, who worked their way to the top, while she lay on her back as a paid mistress! That wig she's wearing must be too tight!!!

Bravo, cancel this ridiculous Kim spin off show. The world already has the Duck Dynasty so Kim's Beverly Hillbilly type situation is already an existing concept. And Honey Boo Boo can out due Kim any day, and Honey Boo Boo can carry a tune, and we all know Ms. Hoe-ziak's singing skills lack, well, lack, well, ahem, they lack singing ability! Only Helen Keller could enjoy programs with Kim Hoe-ziak. Face it without Nene to tell her off, Kim is a yawn on camera.
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