Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jodee Messina Latest Artist Leaving Curb Record Label

According to CMT, Jodee Messina is the latest artist to (jump ship) part ways from Curb Records. Curb makes incredible music but for some reason they don't get a long with a lot of their artists. In the past couple years we have heard very heated comments about Curb from Tim McGraw and Hank Williams Jr. and in the past even Leann Rimes.

From my music industry sources and from what I have gathered in the media outlets, Curb, allows it's artists to make music, record with their label, but then sits on the projects. This is very frustrating to it's artists, which is understandable. Not to mention the fans that actually hear their favorite artists are in the studio but when their new cd is released it's usually a Greatest Hits compilation.
Jodee has posted on her website that she her contract with Curb was fulfilled and she has a new record coming out in 2013. Messina has signed with Clearview Artist Management and a new booking agency, APA, and says she's excited to be starting fresh.
Rumor is Bravo is welcoming Nashville to it's "Real Housewives" franchise (something I've been campaigning for). Since Messina was a guest of RHOAtlanta, maybe she would be a good consideration for it's Nashville franchise. We all know Messina's song "My Give A D@*$ Is Busted" and that's the attitude of a Bravo "Real Housewife". Jodee, if you are reading this (I'm sure she is HA!) have your agent call Bravo!


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