Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hitchcock Film Upsets Phsyco Writer's Widow

Marilyn Stefano, the widow of "Physco" screenwriter Joseph Stefano has taken legal action against Fox Searchlight Pictures over what she feels is a false depiction of her late husband in the new film, "Hitchcock" starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren.

The biggest beef that Mrs. Stefano has is a comment made in the movie in which Helen Mirren's character (Alma Reville) states “You shouldn’t wait until halfway through; kill her off after 30 minutes". Mrs. Stefano feels that the film inaccurately portrays Alma Reville (Hitchcock's wife) as a ghost co writer of the famed movie's screen play and insists her husband wrote the screen adaptation alone.

In an open letter to the Agoura Hills Patch newspaper, Mrs. Stefano states:

“Shortly after Joe and Hitch meet [in the movie],” Marilyn wrote, “Hitch tells Alma he had Stefano write out the first few scenes, asks her to read them and she tells him—“Hire him.” … There’s no way Joe would have started writing any of the script without first being hired—which he was at the end of that first meeting—he would have gotten in trouble with the Writers Guild that doesn’t allow auditioning.

Yes, since Phsyco I shower clothed!

“They have a scene where Peggy, Hitch’s assistant, actually says that the credit should be: Written by Joseph Stefano and Alma Reville! (Alma says: “The people who matter know. That’s all that counts.”) Strangely, this little scene is not in the script the studio sends out for writing nomination. Did they ad-lib it?”

Mrs. Stefano is represented by high power entertainment attorney, William Sobel, she means business and she will eventually get a pay out I'm sure. So, despite some hurt feelings and bruised ego, she probably should be thankful because she and her son should get some monetary retribution, if not, I would be shocked.

I caught the movie two weeks ago and it was amazing! Helen Mirren and Antony Hopkins should both get Oscar Nominations for their work. I believe I read (or maybe heard) that Mirren was in the buzz for consideration. You'll love the film, it's a must see, the dynamic between Hitchcock and Reville in the film is so compelling.


Blogger Cole said...

Agreed --- this was a fabulous movie, and definitely worth seeing.

December 15, 2012 at 7:33 PM  

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