Friday, December 14, 2012

Facts Of Life Beauty Needs Fans Help, Wants A Sitcom

Ahhhh.....Blair Warner, ahem, I mean Lisa Whelchel, needs her fans help!

In a recent email newsletter to her fans, the "Facts Of Life" beauty states, "I need your help! I really want to win "Fan Favorite" for "Survivor: Philippines." The winner gets $100,000 and I also think it would really help my argument to CBS that America would like to see me back on television (on another sitcom, perhaps.)"
Lisa's fans can vote up to 10 times at the following link:

Lisa was one of my first TV crushes so I'm one of the many who would like to see her back in a sitcom. I must admit, I could care less about watching her on "Survivor". Slurping on worms, rolling in the mud, and clothes looking torn apart doesn't belong on television. Leave all that in John Travolta's bedroom where it belongs. But Lisa, we want to see you act. I personally think you should wonder to the cable dial though and send your resume to TV Land. Betty White, Fran Drescher, and Scott Baio are all finding success there.

Make sure to vote! You can visit Lisa's personal website at the following link:


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