Monday, December 17, 2012

Emmylou Harris's Miracle On Music Row

Timeless Emmylou Harris held her annual Miracle On Music Row event benefiting her charity, Bonaparte's Retreat. "Bonaparte's Retreat" is Emmy's dog rescue program that saves dogs from being uthonized and adopts them out to good homes. Emmylou was as gracious as always to her guests and I enjoyed watching her and my son, Pierce play with one of the rescue dogs (photos above).

This year events included the annual parade with Emmylou, marching band, dogs, and Santa. Small vendors and visits with the dogs in need of adoption, silent auction, contests, sell of some clothes from Emmy's wardrobe, and a concert with Emmylou, Rodney Crowell, Mike Farris, Jim Lauderdale, Buddy Miller and others. The highlight for me was hearing Emmylou sing "Orphan Girl" live,I never grow tired of that. Next to Emmylou, Mike Farris stole the show, this man is a ball of energy. I didn't get to speak to him at the event as it started to drizzle some rain drops but if you aren't familiar with his music, you should check him out.

I've promised my 8 year old son, Pierce, that we will strongly consider an adoption of a dog soon. I hope if you are capable you will consider doing so also. Too many unwanted animals end up dead because someone got tired of playing with them and decided to discard them. When you do adopt an animal remember they are a commitment and eventually the "new" does taper off but they are living beings and not toys.

Rodney Crowell, myself, and Emmylou

Buddy Miller, Rodney Crowell, Emmylou, Jim Lauderdale, and Sam Bush

Above is a video clip of Emmylou's Miracle on Music Row Christmas Parade. If you would like to see more video clips and some of the singers performances please check out my youtube page and you can even subscribe for future event coverage.

Don't forget to tell friends about this blog, share on facebook, like my page on facebook ,  follow me on twitter @worldoflarry .And email me any thoughts, concerns, suggestions, insults, or submissions at . I love this picture of Emmylou, my son, and I. It looks like Emmylou is flipping cameraman, Chris Barnes off. He's been a loyal fan of Miss Emmylou's and most country stars for years so we know she wasn't, but it was a priceless shot! Special thanks to Chris Barnes for the photos I posted. All, with exception to the group singing shot were courtesy of him.


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