Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dolly's Busy And So Is Her Empire

If Dolly Parton isn't busy, she isn't happy. If Dolly herself isn't jet-setting around the world pleasing fans, she's writing, creating, recording and making literary efforts like her most recent "Dream More" which is on two separate New York Times Best Seller Lists at the moment. Yet even when Dolly herself isn't out and about her empire is at work.
Daredevil Falls
Thunderhead Rollercoaster
Dollywood has announced plans to demolish it's current "Adventure Mountain" attraction which was a 6 million dollar expansion as recent as 2010. The now departing attraction featured more than 100 obstacle course attractions such as swinging bridges, rope obstacles, and three various skill levels of it's attractions. But the demolition will make way for the 2014 reveal of Dollywood's new "one of a kind" ride attraction. Dollywood has been making huge strides with their amusement rides. Their current coaster "Wild Eagle" came in hard and strong winning "Best New Ride" by Amusement Today Golden Ticket Awards.

2012's Wild Eagle Wins Applause Award
Another revision/addition which will take place for the 2013 season will be "Imagination Cinema", a 500 seat theater that will be the home of a new show made up of Dolly's family members. In recent comments to the press Dolly has stated that she is writing new music for the show and will appear in the show via video to help her family tell the story of her early years in the Smokies and the lives of several of her deceased relatives, like her parents. Currently, this building houses a 4D adventure cinema ride from your very own seat. I actually am surprised that this attraction is going because it was a fun ride/show attraction in an area with not very many amusement rides. But Dollywood knows what they are doing and I know the new show will be sure to impress. No word yet on whether the show will be comprised of the Kinfolks members who perform at the Backporch Theater or if some of her siblings like park alumni Randy Parton or even sister, Stella might make appearances in the new show.

No matter what's going on in the life of Dolly, a diva's work is never done. Head on down to Dollywood before the "Smokey Mountain Christmas" festival is over. Now Dollywood has their own luxury cabins, a water park, and buzz about a resort hotel in the works. And of course Dolly still has her dinner theater attraction "The Dixie Stampede"also in Pigeon Forge and Branson and her Pirate's Voyage Dinner Theater in Myrtle Beach.

Have you been to Dollywood?


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