Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dolly Tops NY Times Bestseller List, Gets 2 Oscar Considerations

Dolly Parton has a lot to be thankful for this Holiday Season. Her new book, "Dream More", is #23 on the New York Times Bestseller's List. The book is based off a commencement speech Dolly gave at the University Of Tennessee several years back. The book of inspiration serves as her third installment in a series of books to benefit her Imagination Library literacy program. The first being a cook book, "Dolly's Dixie Fixens" and the other a children's book, "I Am A Rainbow", all in conjunction with Pelican Publishing.

Parton's past contributions to the world of book publishing include her widely successful autobiography, "Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business" which topped the NY Times Bestseller's List. A children's book, "Coat Of Many Colors" based on her autobiographical country song about a coat her mother made from rags that caused her classmates to taunt her. In the 1980's Dolly released a book of inspirational poetry, "Just The Way I Am". Lets hope Dolly has more contributions to the book publishing world. I'd love to read a book about the stories behind her well written songs.

Another reason for Dolly to celebrate is that two of her songwriting compositions are being considered for Academy Awards' "Best Original Song". The tunes, "From Here To The Moon And Back" and "He's Everything" written and performed for the movie, "Joyful Noise", which Dolly costars with Queen Latifah. Critics are already buzzing over "From Here To The Moon And Back", a song Dolly says that her husband was the inspiration for. Out of the two it's my personal opinion that "From Here To The Moon And Back", will probably be the best choice for the win as "He's Everything" is a gospel song and Hollywood doesn't always embrace Christianity.

Dolly's been nominated twice for the Academy's "Best Original Song", her most famous recording, "9 to 5" (also the title of the film) lost to the theme of Flash Dance (eyes rolling). Disgracefully and shamefully Dolly's song, "Travelin' Thru" (from the film Transamerica) lost to the vulgar, "Hard Out Here to Be A Pimp". And though this year there is stiff competition with songs from Katy Perry, Adele, and country star Keith Urban we can keep our finger's crossed. Lets hope Dolly will dazzle the red carpet and dress in something classy and chic like she did when she performed, "The Day I Fall In Love" with James Ingram, for the 1994 Oscars.


Speaking of that beautiful look at the 1994 performance where Dolly showed Hollywood what a real star should look like. This is the Hollywood I miss.


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