Thursday, December 13, 2012

ABC's Nashville Ratings Rising

ABC's drama series,"Nashville", is seeing a rise in their ratings. Steadily the show is building it's audience. I'm actually surprised that the network has allowed the show to build the way it has, most networks give their series a few episodes and can the show all together if not an instant success.

The plus side of having "Nashville" on the air is the fact that it gives our beautiful city and some of it's iconic attractions a stage amongst the country. Face it, our tourism has been going steadily down for years since the closing of both Opryland and the original TNN. (On a side note, TNN is back on the air and working to build it's audience, mainly reruns of old programming but that's ok with me, as those shows were so wonderful). So with the network drama filming in our city we should see some fans come through wanting to see Music City.

Most of my friends from outside of Nashville who watch the show immediately ask me who the characters are based on. Some press has alluded that the actors on the show were based on real music industry individuals. I'm sure certain aspects of this are true, but I have to tell you, in all my sincerity, Nashville, the music industry's artists and behind the scenes folks aren't anything like what the show has portrayed. Country Music and Nashvillians are fairly humble, trustworthy and most of all helpful to all the music community. Nothing like the back biting, young vs old animosity, and intense whoring around is like what is portrayed on television. Yes, all of these things exist, but not on the scale showcased in the show, but remember it's a drama and television has to incite some violent tempers in order to compete with the big dogs of reality television. Watch and enjoy, but remember, it's not really our beautiful city.

Hayden Panettiere, you can come over and be as mean as you want to me anytime. What a cutie she is! She's worth watching on Wednesday's at 10 E/ 9 C PM on ABC.


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