Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dolly A Superhero and Super Mogual

Dolly Parton made an appearance on Saturday June 16, at her water park "Splash Country". In full costume as "Splash Woman", Dolly announced that her #1 water park would open the first water roller coaster in the state of Tennessee next year.

Splash Country is just a jump over from Dollywood, Parton's first investment into the theme and amusement park business. Since opening Dollywood in 1986 she has opened other amusement attractions. Before Splash Country was built she opened The Dixie Stampede, also in Pigeon Forge with another location in Branson. MO. The Dixie Stampede is a dinner theater with a show that pits the north against the south and the audience is a part of the show along with horses and other animals. Most recently she turned her Dixie Stampede chain in Myrtle Beach into Dolly's Pirate Voyage. The Pirate's Voyage includes a musical score by Dolly (who even makes a tv screen appearance as a mermaid for one number). As Pirates and beautiful aquatic animals keep your attention, just like the Dixie Stampede, you are served an incredible meal.

These attractions are all great but just not enough for Dolly. Dolly has brought her Dollywood Company together with Gaylord Entertainment who own Opryland Amuseuments to create a new amusement area on the land in which Opryland once sat. The park is yet to be named but will be the first water/snow park in the world. Depending on the success of the park, music shows and rides could be added in stages.This could potentially revive a whole area that once boomed with Country Music fun and souviner shops. I do hope that the park will incorporate Dolly in it's merchandising strategies and that she will make a few appearances per year. One thing I think that Dollywood could do a little better on is merchandising Dolly Parton. Not enough Dolly collectibles are a big sigh heard amongst the crowded park each time I go there. In it's early days I can attest to buying many fun Dolly souviners.

So, yes, Dolly is a super mogual if not a super hero.


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