Sunday, May 6, 2012

Miley's new film, "LOL"

Do you remember Saved By The Bell? Or what about those after school specials in the 80's? If so, you will still be disappointed in Miley Cyrus's new film titled (very appropriately), "LOL". The movie deals with issues that some of us, of a certain age, who have children nearing teen years will one day soon have to deal with. Albeit, I don't think it will be wrapped up as quickly as Miley does it in this feature.

Demi Moore and Marlo Thomas co-star in this "piece of work". I'm seriously standing by my belief that Demi Moore didn't attempt suicide over Ashton Kutcher. I personally believe she saw a pre-screening of this film and decided to ended it all. To Marlo's credit, she is adorable in this film as Miley's fun loving granny. And to the film's credit the casting of this three generational Marlo, Demi, and Miley is hauntingly wonderful. The casting is believable.

If you are seeing this film for your child under 13, you actually get 5 stars even though the movie only gets 1. Marlo is the reason for the 1 star incase you are wondering. The 11-13 crowd market will love this film. Anyone older than this who does is probably a bit immature or slow. Or possibly they've been very sheltered.

Now for all the Miley fans who are hating me right now, this isn't an attack on her. I personally think as big of a star as she is that this vehicle is beneath her. I'm thinking that maybe Miley was looking for a vehicle where she had some control and this was presented to her, or possibly she was a fan of the original french version??? Miley needs to be very careful with her movie vehicles because her film career could very easily follow that of Jessica Simpson's. Until Miley broadens her fan base as film star, her roles would suit her better if they were stacked with incredible co-stars. For example, when Lindsay Lohan wanted to get actor "street cred" she took a small role in Robert Altman's last film co-starring Lily Tomlin, Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones, and the most successful actress in modern history, Meryl Streep.

I was one 4 people in attendance of "LOL" and by the end of the movie, I was one of 3. The remaining 3 were myself and two children. Their were a few semi-comical moments, mainly delivered by Marlo Thomas. Other than that the only laugh out loud moments that "LOL" provided were exploiting a downs syndrome girl. So while that moment presented a chuckle it was a bit uncomfortable.


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