Saturday, May 19, 2012

AP Reporter Disputes Loretta Lynn's Age

Media outlets are reporting that Loretta Lynn is not 77, but is 80. A reported from the Associated Presshas dug up documents that make these claims, her marriage certificate, and R. Eric Henninger of the Kentucky State Law Library states that Loretta couldn't have been illegal for her to have been married under the age of 14 in the 40's.

Loretta Lynn and myself bus, a true country music legend
I personally say, it's her business how old she is and no one else's. As a fellow Kentuckian, my paternal grandmother was married at the age of the 13, like Loretta's always maintained, so whatever Henninger states about the law, evidently wasn't enforced. My grandmother also met my grandfather at a pie auction, also like Lynn, where the men bid on the female's homemade pie if he liked the young las. The winning bidder got to sit and eat the pie with the lady of his dollar's choosing.
So, Loretta, your looking good girl no matter how old you are. And people, no matter what paper you have from those days in Kentucky it doesn't make it so. My grandfather's legal spelling of his name was incorrect, and possibly if Loretta wanted to try to get married without a parent she may have fibbed about her age to do so. FOLKS it was KENTUCKY!!


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