Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jennifer Nettles Disputes Witness Testimony

Many of you will remember the horrific tragedy that took place at the Indiana State Fair due to the storms that wrecked Sugarland's stage into a crowded outdoor concert. The victims have sued the country band and the State fair. The State Fair has testified that the band's tour manager insisted that they go ahead with the concert vs canceling it when the Fair asked them to consider that they not go on. Jennifer Nettles's deposition disputes that account and says that Sugarland was never told that the Fair wanted to cancel the show.

This is one sore situation. If the shoe was on my foot and I was the entertainer, lives were lost and suffered injury, I would work out a settlement with the victims. Obviously Sugarland can afford to pay damages, or even offer a benefit shows in which all the proceeds went to the claimants. I think fighting against injured people and the families of their lost loved ones probably isn't the best PR move on their behalf. However, I think the Fair should hold the greatest responsibility. The stage in which they provided wasn't safe and I would hope that in the future all performers would increase their insurance and expectations of staging. My prayers are with all involved. It's a loss to both parties no matter what happens, but the best way out is to pay these victims.


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