Saturday, March 10, 2012

Garth Brooks Trespasser

Claremore, OK authorities are looking a trespasser on Garth Brooks's personal estate after a burning Chrysler SUV was found nearby his home.

A neighbor witnessed the fire and reported it. When the Sheriffs office
responded to the call they saw a man running across Garth's property. No word yet on if the man knew this was Garth's property.

This isn't the first time Garth has dealt with a scary overtly cruel incident. In 2006 Garth's exwife, Sandy was kidnapped by gunpoint.

In recent news Garth won a one million dollar judgement against a hospital
who took a donation from him for 500,000 in order to construct a building in his
mother's memoriam. The hospital took the cash and didn't honor the agreement.

Some people have emailed me asking why he would give the money to the
hospital. Celebrities and wealthy people look for ways to honor deceased members
of their families with memorials that pay tribute to their lost loved ones and
better the community. It's a very common practice. The hospitals usually require
100's of thousands of dollars to name a wing after a person. Garth, did a well
meaning thing to help his community by improving medical care and pay tribute to
his mom. The hospital in turn thanked him by not living up to their agreement.
Hospitals usually are profit making facilities, though some religious
organizations are non profit and right off much care they give to patients who
are struggling financially.

Final thought, I'm glad that Garth won his case and knowing his kind spirit
he will probably use the million dollars in another way to benefit others. The
guy really is an all around great guy. Go Garth.



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