Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dolly Soars With Eagles And Loves The Voice and Smash

Dolly Parton made a visit to Dollywood this past Friday for the launch of her new roller coaster, Wild Eagle. She also wrote and sang a theme song for the ride's first attendees and press.

Terry Morrow who spoke with Dolly got some insight on what Dolly watches on television. He says the singer told him her two favorite shows are NBC's The Voice and Smash. He also reports that Dolly was asked to perform for the finale episode of The Voice but had to decline due to schedule conflicts in Pigeon Forge.

Lets hope for new movies and projects from Dolly. She says she is taking most of the year to relax, refresh, and reconnect spiritually. During this year she hopes to write the musical of her life either as a movie or for the stage. Wouldn't an incredible movie about Dolly's life with an amazing director rival the Coal Miner's Daughter. Lets pray it falls into the right hands so her life can be portrayed with depth and not camp.

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