Monday, March 5, 2012

Dolly DVD/CD Coming to Crackerbarrell

Well, I love me some Crackerbarrel cornbread muffins. And I love the fact that Crackerbarrel promotes Country and Traditional Music better than any other business out there these days. But I love them even more for bringing more Dolly Parton products to the limelight.
"An Evening with Dolly" live cd/dvd set will be available on April 2. I'm pretty sure this is just a revamping of Dolly Live From London as the set list looks the same and the fact that it was filmed in the 02 Arena, but this will be a good shot in the arm to tap into a broader audience for the project. Lets hope the project sells really well for the franchise and that Dolly will consider releasing more projects through their many retail outlets. I only hope that this doesn't interfere with the DVD filmed in Australia that was said to be released.
Here's the set list:
'An Evening With... Dolly' CD Track Listing:1. 'Two Doors Down'2. 'Jolene'3. 'Coat of Many Colors'4. 'Only Dreaming'5. 'Little Sparrow'6. 'The Grass Is Blue'7. 'Do I Ever Cross Your Mind'8. 'Here You Come Again'9. 'Islands in the Stream'10. '9 to 5'11. 'I Will Always Love You'12. 'Shattered Image'13. 'My Tennessee Mountain Home''An Evening With... Dolly' DVD Track Listing:1. 'Two Doors Down'2. 'Jolene'3. 'Backwoods Barbie'4. 'Coat of Many Colors'5. 'Only Dreaming'6. 'Better Get to Livin''7. 'Shinola'8. 'Little Sparrow'9. 'The Grass Is Blue'10. 'Do I Ever Cross Your Mind'11. 'Here You Come Again'12. 'Islands in the Stream'13. '9 to 5'14. 'I Will Always Love You'15. 'Jesus and Gravity'



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