Sunday, March 4, 2012

Could Susan Lucci bring Erica Kane To General Hospital????

Soap fans are in for a major treat. ABC must be listening, a tad from the outcries of agitated fans over the decisions to cancel All My Children and One Life To Live. OLTL's Manning Family is heading over to General Hospital. That's right, more Blair, Star and Todd drama for everyone. Kassie Depaiva and Kristen Alderson recently voiced their thoughts about bringing all the fans together and how it will also benefit General Hospital.

But the biggest question was posed to Maurice Benard who portrays Sonny Corinthos. "What about Susan Lucci, bringing fem fatal character Erica Kane to Port Charles?" And he affirms it's a great idea and his love for the actress. He told Entertainment Tonight that he was previously an actor on All My Children and it was a thrill because he was going to get to do a scene with the famous Erica Kane.

Not sure if there is any "meat" to these rumors, but wouldn't it be amazing. Erica Kane would be back like nobody's business if she were dropped into the middle of Port Charles. Look at all the women she could fight with and look at all the men she could fight over. After all Jackson did leave Pine Valley in the clif hanger ending for All My Children and Erica may have been shot by JR??? Who knows? But if so, maybe she has to go to Port Charles for treatment or to look for Jackson, stays, and makes it home. I think it would bring General Hospital's ratings over the top. Face it, Erica Kane is daytime and you know ABC is busting their own chops with the flop shows that they put in their place, The Chew and The Revolution (though the last several weeks their ratings have tied with AMC and OLTL). Bringing Erica Kane back would be an olive branch to Soap fans and a huge shot in the arm for General Hospital, insuring
it's safety for many years to come.

But if not, lets hope that Susan gets a steamy role on a new Prime Time or Cable Series. Lucci will be guesting on Army Wives and will be host an narrator for a new series on the ID network.



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