Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Congrats To Garth, Connie, and Pig--Will Kenny Rogers & Others Ever Be Inducted?

I've been silent for a few days, some may wish that happened more
frequently, but I'm back after a bit of an allergy side line. By now everyone
has probably already heard the news that Garth Brooks, Connie Smith, and Pig
Robbins are to be the 2012 class inducted into the Country Music Hall Of

Pig Robbins is a legend among studio musicians and country music
aficionados. A blind piano player who created such legendary piano intros as
"Behind Closed Doors", he's very much a welcomed addition of the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Most country music fans would be very hard pressed to have not heard a project that Pig Robbins didn't play on. He also played on many of Gospel Music Legend Dottie Rambo's recordings. If your a Dottie Rambo fan you may remember the original recording of Queen of Paradise with the incredible rag time piano intro, that was Pig. So many classic Dottie Rambo recordings featured pig, including Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing. I got to work with Pig on a couple sessions. And the very last recording session that Dottie Rambo held
before her tragic death, featured Pig. Don't know him well, only a fan from a far, but I can honestly tell you I'm very proud that Pig is going into the Hall Of Fame. I personally think he should be in the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame aswell.

Garth Brooks is very well deserving of his induction as well, though he
even agrees it's premature. I can't help be happy for the guy because he is one
of the kindest, friendliest people in the business, and who can dispute his
sales record. Not to many artists can say they outsold Elvis and The Beatles,
most especially in the Country field. But it seems like so many young artists
are being inducted while and the pioneers are being skipped over. Long before we
had Garth we had Kenny Rogers, Ricky Skaggs, Randy Travis, Rodney Crowell, Hank
Williams, Jr., Larry Gatlin and a lot of others.

Connie Smith is another well deserved inductee but still it seems so
premature. Who can deny that she has a beautiful voice? She's definitely country
to a tee and I'm proud for her induction and she has a long career ahead of her.
But long forgotten has been Dottie West, Lynn Anderson, Tanya Tucker (she's been
around that long folks), Skeeter Davis. When you compare careers I think you
would have to agree that these women have had a larger impact on Country Music
and creating a larger audience for the genre. I consider Connie one of the Grand
Dames of the Opry, like Jeannie Seely, Jan Howard and Jeanne Pruett (after all
Satin Sheets is probably one of the most popular records of all time). I even
think of Donna Fargo and the many hits that she had that reached far from an
already existing country base. As I said I consider Connie one of the Grand
Dames of the Opry more than a Country Music Legend, and think Seely and the
others should get their flowers before their torch is passed on.

I love all three of the artists and I don't disparage their inductions,
they are all deserving. My ramblings are just food for thought. But seriously
some of you have to be wondering how Kenny Rogers and people of his caliber
aren't in the Hall or am I the only one?


Blogger Jerry Boor said...

Catching up on a comment I just ran across. Interesting the difference of your concept, Larry Ferguson, between the grand old dames of the Grand Ole Opry and being a country music legend. But speaking of Connie Smith, you forgot to mention that she recorded several Dottie Rambo songs, including "Don't Let Me Stray Too Far From Calvary" and "In The Valley (He Restoreth My Soul)." I remember Dottie Rambo stating that she was in the studio when Connie Smith sang and what a blessing it was.

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