Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dolly Soars With Eagles And Loves The Voice and Smash

Dolly Parton made a visit to Dollywood this past Friday for the launch of her new roller coaster, Wild Eagle. She also wrote and sang a theme song for the ride's first attendees and press.

Terry Morrow who spoke with Dolly got some insight on what Dolly watches on television. He says the singer told him her two favorite shows are NBC's The Voice and Smash. He also reports that Dolly was asked to perform for the finale episode of The Voice but had to decline due to schedule conflicts in Pigeon Forge.

Lets hope for new movies and projects from Dolly. She says she is taking most of the year to relax, refresh, and reconnect spiritually. During this year she hopes to write the musical of her life either as a movie or for the stage. Wouldn't an incredible movie about Dolly's life with an amazing director rival the Coal Miner's Daughter. Lets pray it falls into the right hands so her life can be portrayed with depth and not camp.

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Exel Cleaned Houston's Hotel Room Of Illegal Substances

Raffles Van Exel the same rat that allegedly took the famous photo of Whitney Houston laying in state for her family viewing has admitted to ridding the death scene of Cocaine and illegal substances. He tells the Telegraph that "The room had to be emptied".

Sounds like Patricia Houston who allowed this cat into Whitney's inner circle wasn't always looking out for the diva's best interest. Wonder if she got to split any of that photo money with Exel?


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goodbye Carol Lee Cooper, The Opry Fans Will Miss You

It's sad to reprot that legendary Grand Ole Opry vocal backup group's "Carol Lee Singers" leader has retired. Her last weekend on the Opry was this past weekend and it will be sad to see her go.

Lots of love to her, a sweet friend, and a wonderful fixture of Nashville history.

We love you Carol Lee!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Jimmy Fallon Bumps Joan Rivers

Jimmy Fallon bumps Joan Rivers from his late night show to make room for Whitney Cummings. The events were filmed in part of the reality show "Joan Knows Best".

What a way to treat a legend Fallon! Especially a late night legend. For years the 2nd in command for late night was Joan Rivers. Joan served as the
permanent guest host of the Tonight Show for Carson. Fox lured Rivers over to their network to rival Carson and after riffs between Joan's husband/manager she parted with the network and Arsenio Hall eventually took over the time slot.

What I would like to know is, WHO IS WHITNEY CUMMINGS? I actually looked her up so I do know who she is now, but I would think Joan Rivers would have been a more known guest.

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Whitney Houston's Cause Of Death Released

Whitney Houston's cause of death was released yesterday. Cocaine and heat disease were contributing factors to her accidental drowning according to the
results. The coroner states that the cocaine use was taken moments before she fell. Upon falling her head was emerged and she drowned in her bathtub, (water
was found in her lungs). Cocaine complicated a cardiac event because her arteries were 60% narrowed. Marijuana, Flexeril, Bendadryl, and Xanax were also found in Houston's system but didn't contribute to her death.

Patricia Houston, Whitney's sister in law and former manager says "We are saddened to learn of the toxicology results, although we are glad to now have closure".

I still feel a bit shaky on Patricia Houston and Whitney's inner circle.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner Get Star On Palm Springs Walk Of Stars

Congratulations to old friends Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner, for their recent induction into the Palm Springs Walk Of Stars! If anyone is deserving, they sure are.

Lily Tomlin has starred in such major hit movies as 9 to 5, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Big Business, I Heart Huckabees, and Nashville (for which she was nominated for an Oscar). Her Broadway shows were major successes. The Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life held an epic run on Broadway, so much so she revived the show years later. Her most famous characters, Ernestine The Telephone Operator and Edith Ann were created during her tenure on the original, Laugh In series.

Jane Wagner is an award winning writer and collaborator with Tomlin, both professionally and in life. Wagner has written or served as a co-writer for many of Tomlin's most popular works. A philanthropist, she has lent her talents to
many issues involving women and children.

The Tomlin family has been very special to me. Lily's brother Richard, and
her brother in law, Michael Langston, have been like brothers to me and are very
dear to their heart. Michael's mother Joyce, also served as my nurse for a while

after a tragic bus accident that left me unable to walk alone and for a time, unable to walk at all. Lily, Jane, Michael, Richard, and Joyce were all very much a part of my heart and I love them dearly.

On hand to cheer the girls on, was another angel in my life, Carol Channing. This marks one of her very first appearances in the public since her husband Harry's death last December. She's looking amazing and I thank Rick Graham for taking the photo of Carol, and Tennessee Michael Langston for the
photo of Lily and Jane with the Star Ceremony crew.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photographer Of Whitney's Body Indentified!

The Wigham Funeral Home in New Jersey that were the overseers for the care of Whitney Houston's deceased body has identified the person who took the scandalous picture of Houston laying in private viewing. Wigham says that Raffles Dawson was the culprit who took the photo and may have earned up to six
figures for the photo. Other reports say that Whitney's mother, Cissy, confronted the person who invaded the family's privacy and asked that he donate the money they made to charity.

Unless you have been living under a rock you have to be aware that The
National Enquirer published photos of Whitney's body from her family's private wake. Raffles Dawson is supposedly close to Pat Houston. The National Enquirer also published photos from Whitney's Beverly Hilton Hotel room. The pictures included her dinner tray and the tub in which her body was reportedly found. Pat is also the new executor of Whitney's estate. Sounds fishy. I can't stress enough to all of you to get rock solid wills and post penalties for those who try to change the wishes in which you have requested, administrators, benefactors and other decisions you make now can easily be changed if uncontested.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Rosie Gets Canned From The Big O!

So they said it wouldn't last? And they were right! Oprah Winfrey's OWN network has canceled The Rosie Odonnell show after fiver months. The show
premiered to a low audience of 500,000 and then dropped to half of that number by the second episode. Rosie said she wished the show had better ratings while
Oprah said it was great working with Rosie. Wouldn't you want to know what they really thought?

Oprah was in hopes that Rosie would be the take off series for her network, which hasn't done well since it's invasion to cable television. People keep thinking that Oprah is going to pull this network out of the tank but I'm not sure that she can. She does have her new Oprah interview show, The Next Chapter. Personally, I believe that she earned the title of Queen of Daytime Talk but not the Queen of All Things. If she wanted this network to do well she should have held on to her daytime show for a while in order to promote the network from it's inception to it's success and then bowed out of Daytime.

Does anyone even get Oprah's OWN? I don't here in Nashvegas. Is it any

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What Does Joan Rivers Think Of Julianna's Look?

Julianna Moore at the Game Change premiere, where she portrays Sarah Palin. I personally don't think she is as pretty as the Alaskan Princess.

Joan Rivers says of Julianna's look:

"Sarah Palin was p###ed that she played her so she probably sent her this dress".

I love Joan!

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Eric Church Fights For His Cash

Eric Church has filed a lawsuit against vendors who are illegally selling
merchandise with his name and image at his concerts. Eric says that the vendors
run or walk away hiding the merchandise when approached by his staff.

Concert goers probably know this isn't too unusual. This happens a lot. Usually the merchandise is sold at incredible low prices and is only a substandard product. Although I still have 4 x Dolly Parton Tour Shirt from her "Hello I'm Dolly" tour. It makes a great pj top. So maybe the thug looking guy at the Dolly bootleg parking lot picked out only the finest.


Regis Heading To Hot In Cleveland

Regis Philbin is heading to "Hot In Cleveland". Regis's character plays
Betty White's long time hairdresser who she assumes is gay, due to his career choice. The fact is Regis's character is very heterosexual and has the hots for Betty's character, Elka. Looks like the perfect romance for Hot In Cleveland. I only hope that now that Susan Lucci isn't as busy with All My Children she can make more guest roles on the hit series.

Philbin hasn't slowed down since his retirement from "Live". Some have said that the retirement was forced which wouldn't shock me. So far since Regis has left the ratings haven't been so kind to Kelly. "Live with Kelly" is down 10 percent in the ratings since Regis has left. I really think it's hard to place an icon like Regis and if you do, you should look to replace him with the same type of character. To me, a young hunk won't do as well as say someone like Burt Reynolds. A little age on them so it's still ok to flirt with Kelly. Anything younger the dynamic would be odd feeling since Kelly is always talking about her family and husband Mark.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tippi Hedren is A STRONG OLE BIRD

Tippi Hedren has given her approval for the Sierra Miller portraying her in
the new Hitchcock biopic based on his obessed with her during the making of "The
Birds" and "Marnie".

If I have one reservation about the film, it is that I worry they will not
portray me as as strong a character as I was -- and still am. I had to be
extremely strong to fight off Mr Hitchcock." says Hedren.

I've met Hedren and witnessed that she can be a very ahem STRONG woman.
Which I admire. I can't wait to see this film. And for those that don't know
Melanie Griffith is her daughter.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

George Jones the Subject Of Hollywood Blog

I'm very proud of the interview with the King of Country Music, George Jones that Hollywood Photographer/Blogger, Alan Mercer recently posted. Take a peek at the one I've posted but make sure you check out the full blog/interview at this link: http://amprofile.blogspot.com/2012/03/george-jones.html


Monday, March 12, 2012

Gospel Music Diamond Awards Online Voting Until March 31st

My dear sweet friend,Christy Sutherland (Barbara Mandrell's beautiful daughter in law) is eligible for the Gospel Music Diamond Awards. I hope everyone will take a moment and vote for her as well as your other favorite Gospel Music Groups. Don't forget my other sweet friends like Karen Peck, Sonya Isaacs, and David Phelps. You must have your votes made by the 31st and you have to vote in all categories. http://www.sgnscoops.com/2012-diamond-awards/


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Joan Rivers Coming To Showbiz Site, George Jones Interview for Alan Mercer

Our friend Christian over at showbizdeluxe blog has recently presented our fashionista comedic favorite, Joan Rivers with a cover presentation. His interview interview with the comedic legend is coming soon. Check out his site for more details and interviews http://www.showbizdeluxe.com/interviews.htm .
Monday our friend Alan Mercer's blog will be with the King Of Country Music, George Jones. Will post his interview link Monday. Can't wait.
Great stuff guys.

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Joyful Noise Is Hit, Comes To DVD This Spring and I WIll Always Love You Advances

Joyful Noise starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton has done well at the box office taking in close to 31 million dollars. Though the numbers are as huge as an action film's 100 million plus box office run, the 31 million dollars covers the 20 plus million the film cost to make and everything past that is profit so therefore it's a hit movie, especially with the the studio. Lets hope this means Dolly will back on the big screen more often. The DVD and Blue Rays will be released this coming spring and the soundtrack has sold well too. Dolly having written 3 songs in the film will also make money from the publishing and songwriting of those songs for each unit sold.
Speaking of Dolly's songwriting, she has gotten a huge hunk of change with Whitney Houston's cover of I Will Always Love You selling very well on the many downloads and reissues of the deceased singers music. In addition to Whitney's cover, Glee's version sold over 45,000 downloads according to Dolly news site www.dollymania.net . Jennifer Hudson also sang the song on the Grammy's and digital downloads of her version have been selling well and American Idol covered the tune this past week as well. All of this combined by the other artists who have recorded the songs in the past as well Dolly's versions, the radio and television and video plays of the song will be major dollars for Dolly as the writer and publisher of the song.

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Garth Brooks Trespasser

Claremore, OK authorities are looking a trespasser on Garth Brooks's personal estate after a burning Chrysler SUV was found nearby his home.

A neighbor witnessed the fire and reported it. When the Sheriffs office
responded to the call they saw a man running across Garth's property. No word yet on if the man knew this was Garth's property.

This isn't the first time Garth has dealt with a scary overtly cruel incident. In 2006 Garth's exwife, Sandy was kidnapped by gunpoint.

In recent news Garth won a one million dollar judgement against a hospital
who took a donation from him for 500,000 in order to construct a building in his
mother's memoriam. The hospital took the cash and didn't honor the agreement.

Some people have emailed me asking why he would give the money to the
hospital. Celebrities and wealthy people look for ways to honor deceased members
of their families with memorials that pay tribute to their lost loved ones and
better the community. It's a very common practice. The hospitals usually require
100's of thousands of dollars to name a wing after a person. Garth, did a well
meaning thing to help his community by improving medical care and pay tribute to
his mom. The hospital in turn thanked him by not living up to their agreement.
Hospitals usually are profit making facilities, though some religious
organizations are non profit and right off much care they give to patients who
are struggling financially.

Final thought, I'm glad that Garth won his case and knowing his kind spirit
he will probably use the million dollars in another way to benefit others. The
guy really is an all around great guy. Go Garth.


Miley Sparks Controversy with "Forget Jesus" Tweet

Miley Cyrus is one of the most confusing personalities I think that has come on the scene. For years as a child star and preteen bop sensation, she and her family created this good little Christian image. Many interviews and features talked about how she puts Christ first, how she met her boyfriend in church, how she didn't want to be a party girl like Lindsay Lohan. Since getting older she's done everything she could to shed that contradict her former image. Heck even momma, Trish, has been linked to an affair with rock star Brett Michaels.

Hannah Montana is gone for sure and if Miley continues making the decisions she is making then she may be gone too. Last week, through her twitter, she
highlighted a quote from physicist Lawrence Krauss:

"You are all stardust. You couldn't be here if stars hadn't exploded,
because the elements (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, all the things that matter for
evolution) weren't created at the beginning of time. They were created in stars.
So forget Jesus. Stars died so you can live."
Some fans were so angry that they tweeted the former pop star with "Go To Hell". I've met Miley once and she was a sweetie, though it was in her Hannah days. I think she has made a lot of bad choices and doesn't look to be surrounding herself with the right people. Sometimes when stars, especially child stars, get everything so fast, they search for more and more. A celebrity in this situation usually has an inflated opinion of themselves and feels that everyone sits on pins and needles for their philanthropic food for thought. Sometimes they get enthralled in their religious new age beliefs, or they go deep into their political campaigns. Never do they realize that they alienate a great portion of supporters and fans. Hopefully Miley will get back on track. I don't think her fan base is to fond of anti Jesus sentiments and they're more likely to forget her before they are Jesus.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Congrats To Garth, Connie, and Pig--Will Kenny Rogers & Others Ever Be Inducted?

I've been silent for a few days, some may wish that happened more
frequently, but I'm back after a bit of an allergy side line. By now everyone
has probably already heard the news that Garth Brooks, Connie Smith, and Pig
Robbins are to be the 2012 class inducted into the Country Music Hall Of

Pig Robbins is a legend among studio musicians and country music
aficionados. A blind piano player who created such legendary piano intros as
"Behind Closed Doors", he's very much a welcomed addition of the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Most country music fans would be very hard pressed to have not heard a project that Pig Robbins didn't play on. He also played on many of Gospel Music Legend Dottie Rambo's recordings. If your a Dottie Rambo fan you may remember the original recording of Queen of Paradise with the incredible rag time piano intro, that was Pig. So many classic Dottie Rambo recordings featured pig, including Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing. I got to work with Pig on a couple sessions. And the very last recording session that Dottie Rambo held
before her tragic death, featured Pig. Don't know him well, only a fan from a far, but I can honestly tell you I'm very proud that Pig is going into the Hall Of Fame. I personally think he should be in the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame aswell.

Garth Brooks is very well deserving of his induction as well, though he
even agrees it's premature. I can't help be happy for the guy because he is one
of the kindest, friendliest people in the business, and who can dispute his
sales record. Not to many artists can say they outsold Elvis and The Beatles,
most especially in the Country field. But it seems like so many young artists
are being inducted while and the pioneers are being skipped over. Long before we
had Garth we had Kenny Rogers, Ricky Skaggs, Randy Travis, Rodney Crowell, Hank
Williams, Jr., Larry Gatlin and a lot of others.

Connie Smith is another well deserved inductee but still it seems so
premature. Who can deny that she has a beautiful voice? She's definitely country
to a tee and I'm proud for her induction and she has a long career ahead of her.
But long forgotten has been Dottie West, Lynn Anderson, Tanya Tucker (she's been
around that long folks), Skeeter Davis. When you compare careers I think you
would have to agree that these women have had a larger impact on Country Music
and creating a larger audience for the genre. I consider Connie one of the Grand
Dames of the Opry, like Jeannie Seely, Jan Howard and Jeanne Pruett (after all
Satin Sheets is probably one of the most popular records of all time). I even
think of Donna Fargo and the many hits that she had that reached far from an
already existing country base. As I said I consider Connie one of the Grand
Dames of the Opry more than a Country Music Legend, and think Seely and the
others should get their flowers before their torch is passed on.

I love all three of the artists and I don't disparage their inductions,
they are all deserving. My ramblings are just food for thought. But seriously
some of you have to be wondering how Kenny Rogers and people of his caliber
aren't in the Hall or am I the only one?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dolly DVD/CD Coming to Crackerbarrell

Well, I love me some Crackerbarrel cornbread muffins. And I love the fact that Crackerbarrel promotes Country and Traditional Music better than any other business out there these days. But I love them even more for bringing more Dolly Parton products to the limelight.
"An Evening with Dolly" live cd/dvd set will be available on April 2. I'm pretty sure this is just a revamping of Dolly Live From London as the set list looks the same and the fact that it was filmed in the 02 Arena, but this will be a good shot in the arm to tap into a broader audience for the project. Lets hope the project sells really well for the franchise and that Dolly will consider releasing more projects through their many retail outlets. I only hope that this doesn't interfere with the DVD filmed in Australia that was said to be released.
Here's the set list:
'An Evening With... Dolly' CD Track Listing:1. 'Two Doors Down'2. 'Jolene'3. 'Coat of Many Colors'4. 'Only Dreaming'5. 'Little Sparrow'6. 'The Grass Is Blue'7. 'Do I Ever Cross Your Mind'8. 'Here You Come Again'9. 'Islands in the Stream'10. '9 to 5'11. 'I Will Always Love You'12. 'Shattered Image'13. 'My Tennessee Mountain Home''An Evening With... Dolly' DVD Track Listing:1. 'Two Doors Down'2. 'Jolene'3. 'Backwoods Barbie'4. 'Coat of Many Colors'5. 'Only Dreaming'6. 'Better Get to Livin''7. 'Shinola'8. 'Little Sparrow'9. 'The Grass Is Blue'10. 'Do I Ever Cross Your Mind'11. 'Here You Come Again'12. 'Islands in the Stream'13. '9 to 5'14. 'I Will Always Love You'15. 'Jesus and Gravity'


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Could Susan Lucci bring Erica Kane To General Hospital????

Soap fans are in for a major treat. ABC must be listening, a tad from the outcries of agitated fans over the decisions to cancel All My Children and One Life To Live. OLTL's Manning Family is heading over to General Hospital. That's right, more Blair, Star and Todd drama for everyone. Kassie Depaiva and Kristen Alderson recently voiced their thoughts about bringing all the fans together and how it will also benefit General Hospital.

But the biggest question was posed to Maurice Benard who portrays Sonny Corinthos. "What about Susan Lucci, bringing fem fatal character Erica Kane to Port Charles?" And he affirms it's a great idea and his love for the actress. He told Entertainment Tonight that he was previously an actor on All My Children and it was a thrill because he was going to get to do a scene with the famous Erica Kane.

Not sure if there is any "meat" to these rumors, but wouldn't it be amazing. Erica Kane would be back like nobody's business if she were dropped into the middle of Port Charles. Look at all the women she could fight with and look at all the men she could fight over. After all Jackson did leave Pine Valley in the clif hanger ending for All My Children and Erica may have been shot by JR??? Who knows? But if so, maybe she has to go to Port Charles for treatment or to look for Jackson, stays, and makes it home. I think it would bring General Hospital's ratings over the top. Face it, Erica Kane is daytime and you know ABC is busting their own chops with the flop shows that they put in their place, The Chew and The Revolution (though the last several weeks their ratings have tied with AMC and OLTL). Bringing Erica Kane back would be an olive branch to Soap fans and a huge shot in the arm for General Hospital, insuring
it's safety for many years to come.

But if not, lets hope that Susan gets a steamy role on a new Prime Time or Cable Series. Lucci will be guesting on Army Wives and will be host an narrator for a new series on the ID network.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Writer Proud of His New Dolly Parton Composition

Our site was emailed by songwriter, Mitchell Stone, sharing his new song he wrote about Country Music Queen, Dolly Parton. This is one that you got to give a listen in to. I can tell you, it's really something.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hollywood to Dollywood Documentary Comes To Nashville Film Festival

Twins Gary and Larry Lane are heading to Nashville with their documentary, Hollywood To Dollywood. The film will debut in the Music City and the Nashville Film Festival, April 19-26.
The documentary is an independant film that has created a lot of buzz and even caught the attention of Rosie Odonnell. The premise of the documentary is that the twins have written a screen play that they want Dolly Parton to star in. Their goal is to get the script in the hands of Dolly herself. The twins board their RV, they named Jolene, to make the trek from Hollywood, CA to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. Other celebrities like Leslie Jordan make cameos in the film.

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