Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trace and School Crush Reunited

After 30 years, a very happily married, Trace Adkins was reunited with an old crush. Kim Mulkey, a Baylor women's basketball coach, was reunited when Trace sang the National Anthem at a Baylor vs Texas A&M recently.

"All the jocks ate at the training table and that's where I would see her, but she was a rock star and I couldn't talk to her." Trace tells the Washington Post.

Trace says his wife, Rhonda, has nothing to worry about as he is a one woman man and the crush was in school 30 years ago.

Isn't it a sweet story. My high school crush was a girl named Mandy Bishop and Leah Ann Vanheverbeck (I can't recall the spelling). HA. Who was yours?



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