Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reba Ain't Dead Yall! Thank You Jesus!!

Reba is setting the record strait, she didn't fall off a mountain in Austia and die. Nope, she's alive and as fiery as ever, probably getting ready to wow the nation with her new sitcom for ABC, Malibu Country. I really hope this is as big of a success for her as her last sitcom for the WB. Many may remember that Reba had the number one show on the WB (except the year Tammy Faye was on Surreal Life, then Reba placed number two). The WB folks canceled Reba because they wanted to have more African American shows. The WB is now W Gone. Hello, couldn't you have both?

Some more Reba show knowlege for you. The episode in which Dolly Parton played a real estate agent by the name of Dolly, sparked producers to ask her if she would like a spin off sitcom based on the character as Dolly had been trying for years to come back to evening television in a sitcom. Dolly declined as she said at this point in her life she doesn't want to work that hard. But she's been pretty busy!


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