Monday, February 13, 2012

More on Whitney Houston

As you travel today you probably are hearing a borage of Whitney Houston recordings played on the radio. If you are watching television, every few moments you see clips of her dynamic performances. It just reminds you all to well that tomorrow isn't promised.

According to reports from TMZ Whitney was found under water in her bathtub with Xanax in her room. Her aunt whom was traveling with her reportedly spread a dress for Whitney to wear at the Clive Davis party. The aunt left the room for aprox half and hour and returned to find a lifeless Houston. An autopsy has been completed but has a security seal on the results until more testing is done. A request from Whitney's mom, Cissy Houston for her body was granted and reportedly she is being flown to Atlanta. Bobbi Christina (Whitney's daughter) is traveling to Newark, NJ to be with grandmother Cissy. Bobby Brown flew from Nashville to Los Angeles to be with his daughter yesterday.

Whitney has obviously been struggling for years with many demons aside from illegal and prescription drug abuse. I hope that her past talent will supercede any negative notations that have blemished her storied life. I met Whitney several years ago and knew she wasn't totally together, whether be the influence of chemicals, alcohol or just the ravages of a career lived in the limelight. I had many dealings with her staff when Nippy Inc (or Whitney Inc) was housed in New Jersey. All were wonderful people who seemed to love her very much, many were family. I met her mother, Cissy Houston and had several conversations with her through out a day of filming for a Gospel concert. Cissy Houston was a mother who instilled faith and the love of Christ in her daughter Whitney and no matter how down Whitney got she always gave praise to Jesus Christ and claimed him as her savior. She knew the truth, and I believe she is in Heaven today finally free from the pain and temptations that haunted her here on Earth.

Please keep your prayers and thoughts with the Houston family, most especially her daughter and only child Bobbi Cristina. And thinking and praying for Cissy Houston, as a mother who has to bury a child has a burden of hurt that isn't comparable.

Last night Jennifer Hudson was flawless as she paid tribute to Whitney with I Will Always Love You.

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