Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kenny Rogers Sues Capitol Records: GIVE HIM HIS MONEY

Hey guys, don't mess with Kenny Rogers, haven't you seen those Gambler movies??? Capitol Records is being sued by Kenny in Federal Court. The suit claims Capitol deliberately misleading him and other artists about payments owed to them for online music sales. He filed his suit on Monday with no specific monetary damages.

"We are being regularly contacted by artists who are raising this issue with us, and we are evaluating their contracts on a case-by-case basis," Nashville-based attorney Richard Busch, who filed the suit, told Tennessean. Busch says more suits are forthcoming.

Rogers is also suing the label for 400,000 in accounting errors that he feels Capitol has made.

Be on the lookout as more of these lawsuits will be coming out as artists push the envelope to find out what has happened with their money. The money from record sales is more valuable to the artists than ever before as digital sales are the primary source and since the digital age sales have took a nose dive. Merchandising and concert appearances tend to make the most money for artists these days. Some artists have just decided to create their own indie labels in an effort to have more control and make more money even if less albums have been sold.

Go get em Kenny! And Capitol, make some great music.



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