Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Merle Haggard Hospitalized In Macon, GA

Merle Haggard has been hospitalized, according to his longtime manager Frank Mull. The 74 year old Country Music Icon, and one of America's greatest songwriters, was sick upon leaving home for tour dates. Haggard, fell prior to going on stage to perform, at a scheduled concert and was admitted into a hospital in Macon, GA. Merle's illness is unknown and his reps aren't releasing any information at this point.

Frank is very loyal to the Hag, and I feel good knowing Mull has his back, he's in good hands. I'm praying for a very speedy recovery and hope you will do so as well. I have never personally met Merle but have dealt with Frank Mull, his manager, in the past and he is the utmost professional.

For years Haggard and Hollywood were trying to work out the details to make a movie about the Hag's life. This is a movie that has to be made. I've read his book, he's had a wild ride, and this is one Country Music story that would play out on the screen, keeping you on the edge of your seats. Lets get the Producers and Director from Walk The Line on this right now. I wish every country singer had their own John Carter Cash, then things might get done. He sure has kept Johnny and June's legacy alive.

Don't you think the Hag's life should be on the big screen?



Anonymous Nelda said...

Oh yes indeed!

January 19, 2012 at 10:29 PM  

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