Monday, January 16, 2012

Lulu and I Enjoyed Friday's Opening Of Joyful Noise

I had a pretty Joyful weekend, seeing Joyful Noise with friends. On opening night, Lulu Roman (my sweet friend who starred on Hee Haw), her son Damon, Carly, Adam, Chris and Cole all got together and gave thumbs up to the film. Chris and I had came to an advanced screening so we already knew how great it is.

Lulu Roman said the movie was faboulous and Dolly was great in it. It had her dancing in her seats. I actually had these comments recorded for the site but someone hit a wrong button and it only plays in ffwd.

Dolly will be on Anderson Cooper's afternoon talk show this Thursday so make sure to catch that. But church youth groups, you should definitly go see this film. Church choirs, go see, and people who love good music, good laughs, and tired of seeing things blow up or get sliced up, you will enjoy this film.

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