Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kim Richards:I'm An Alcoholic

January 30 at 9PM eastern the first, in a three part Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion show will kick off in high gear. Andy Cohen sat down with Kim Richards for a separate sit down interview, which was her first since leaving rehab. The sit down will air as the third installment on Feb 13. During the interview she tells Cohen she checked into rehab because she's an alcoholic.

In part one of the Reunion special the rehashing of Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer's fuede will be a hot topic. As you may recall, Taylor told the housewives some really far reaching stories about her late husband beating her, yet the ladies never saw any signs of abuse or broken bones as Taylor reported. Taylor wanted to gang up on Lisa Vanderpump and when she wanted the women to "be honest" Camille reminded her, that if they were "completely honest" she wouldn't be happy.

It's reported that Part two of the Reunion will have the housewives joined by Brandi Glanville. Brandi plans to defend her potty language and unpopular comments. Taylor Armstrong ends up bringing the revelation that Brandi threatened the other ladies. OHHHHH Taylor, it's so hard to look at you, I'm not talking about the duck bill you have on your face but the whole throwing people under the bus all the time, always the victim, and how wonderful you are, while you bash your dead husband who isn't here to defend himself.

Dana Wilkey, who actually needs to not be on the show at all, will join the last installment with the dramatic sit-down between Kim and Andy.

I'm so excited to see the Reunion shows as I love Lisa and Kim. I'm really hoping that if rumors are true Lisa and Camille will stay on the show. I would to see Taylor and Dana go bye bye! Those dogs don't hunt, I'm sorry.

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