Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Radar Online Editor Says Lisa Vanderpump Didn't Sell Stories To Them, Adrienne Maloof caught in Lie!

David Perel, the managing editor of Radar online came out to defend Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump.

During the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion show. Kyle and Adrienne came across very harsh toward Lisa Vanderpump. They cited little ditties that Lisa used for comic relief during the show as "being hurtful". Kyle has hurt more people with her bullying and childhood "I'm a cheerleader and you aren't in my group" attitude on more than one occasion. Adrienne, I believe is just jealous as Lisa has turned out to be the more successful housewife of the series, and that is probably why she lied during the show and said that Lisa sold stories to Radar online and made around 25,000 for her stories. First of all, no magazine is going to pay 25,000 on any Real Housewife gossip unless their is a photo and crack pipe involved.

After Adrienne Maloof shared this lie, it sparked David Perel to come out saying that Lisa Vanderpump has never sold a story to radaronline.com

No class ladies. Lisa, keep shinning.

Carol Channing Turns 91!

Happy 91st Birthday to my sweet friend Carol Channing. Your friendship, strength, wisdom and courage is beyond any character anyone has ever played on the stage.

Trisha Yearwood Comes To The Food Network This April

Move over Paula Deen, Trisha Yearwood is coming to the Food Network. Ms. Yearwood has signed on to do 6 episodes for the Food Network. The show will showcase her cooking her favorite meals in her own kitchen and then serving them to her extended family. Who wants to bet GARTH BROOKS, her husband, is in the first episode?

Speaking of cooking shows, TNN used to have a fun cooking show with Florence Henderson, as the food cooked she would sing with her celebrity guests. It ran for many years on the network. Maybe Trisha could do a little SANGIN' while she's cooking those vittles. We'll have to wait and see this April.

RFDTV's Country Dinner Guests for Feb announced

February Guests For Larry's Country Dinner TV Show Announced for you Country Music lovin' folks.

Week of

Feb. 2: Billy Dean with daughter, Hannah
Feb. 9: The Cleverlys
Feb. 16: The Bellamy Brothers
Feb 23: Moe Bandy

Air times for “Larry’s Country Diner” are Thursday night at 7 P.M. CST/8 P.M EST, Friday morning at 9 A.M. CST/10 A.M. EST, or Saturday evening at 10 P.M. CST/11 P.M. EST. For more information on “Larry’s Country Diner,” please visit larryscountrydiner.com.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rhinestone of The Day: Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred singing Yall Come

I Love Lucy with Tennessee Ernie Ford singing Porter Wagoner's Yall Come.

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Kenny Rogers: His Favorite Duet Partner Is Dolly!

In a recent interview with The Miami Herald, Kenny Rogers reveals that Dolly Parton is his favorite duet partner. Kenny has recorded duets through his entire career which include many successful duets with Dottie West, Kim Carnes, Sheena Easton, Wynonna, and many more.

His first duet with Dolly, Islands In The Stream has been one of the biggest selling singles of all time. Their duet Christmas album has sold millions on top of millions. Their CBS Christmas Special still airs in reruns each season. Another number one single for the two was Real Love, which inspired a concert video and HBO special, it would be great if the HBO special would be released as an audio project. Their 3rd charting duet was Love Is Strange. They had planned to record I Will Always Love You as duet but that never developed and Parton later recorded a top ten version duet with Vince Gill. Kenny later asked Dolly to write a song for one of his albums and the result was Undercover. Their last duet was Tell Me That You Love Me.

I'm one fan that never got to see Dolly and Kenny do their concert tour. I would love it, but I don't think it will ever happen again. I think it would make an once in a life time event. They should do a duet album and tour for the anniversary of Islands In The Street or something. Well....I can dream.

Anyway...here's the sweet comments Kenny had to say about Dolly. And make sure you get Kenny's autobiography when it comes out. He's finally doing one.

"I’ve done so many, and there have been many thrills. Dolly [Parton] is such a sweet girl with a lot of things going for her, not the least that she’s a great singer. I never met anyone who comes in to do a record project when her first vocals sound as good as her last. Everyone has to warm up, certainly me. Not her. She ups my game. But let me tell you something. I don’t care who you are, you’ll never see Dolly when she’s not done up, with her hair and all her stuff going on. We spent two years together touring, and I saw her at very odd times of the day. She must sleep like that, that’s all I can tell ya. "

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Only Christina Would Try To Upstage Etta James At Her Own Funeral...But one fan ain't taking no hating!

Christina Augilera looks amazing at Etta James funeral. Her performance was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the top, but usually Christina is. Sometimes people should just realize when you have talent, don't overdo the vocal acrobatics, just sing!!!

But don't go away too quickly cause this performance is the gift that keeps on giving. Check out this heartfelt fan's protective ramblings about the performance. Listen carefully as you will end up in stitches or need to change your depends, he's hilarious. I'm not sure but he may have had one toooo many before posting.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thieves Break Into Bellamy Vehicles, Production Truck; Nab Personal iPad, Digital Camera, Thousands of Dollars Worth of Video Production Equipment

Nashville, Tenn. (January 26, 2012) – On a recent video shoot in the Florida Everglades, legendary country music duo The Bellamy Brothers fell victim to vandalism and grand larceny after their rental cars and production truck were broken into.

Thieves vandalized the Bellamy vehicles by prying open the door locks and stealing a personal iPad, digital camera and thousands of dollars worth of production equipment that was being used to shoot the music video.

“The police told us that most of the electronics were offered to a local pawn shop right after the theft but the owner turned the equipment down after suspecting it had been stolen,” says David Bellamy. “Fortunately, the video cameras and guitars were not taken, probably due to their size.”

The “Let Your Flow Love” singers recently spent four days in several Florida locations, shooting four different music videos with Austrian pop music superstar, DJ Ötzi. Shoot locations included the Everglades, Miami’s seaplane port and warehouse district and the Florida Keys. The four videos were shot for upcoming collaborative releases for all countries in Europe as well as South Africa, Australia and Japan.


Glen Campbell Will Make Appears and Be Honored In Grammy Celebration

Glen Campbell, is set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award Grammy on February 11. George Jones, The Allman Brothers and Diana Ross, Antonio Carlos Jobim, The Memphis Horns and Gil Scott-Heron will also be honored.

Glen will join Grammy nominees Blake Shelton and The Band Perry for a performance on the special show that will take place prior to the Grammys. This will be one of many appearances Glen is making it known he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and leading a concert tour, "The Goodbye Tour".

Speaking of Glen, his old flame Tanya Tucker has recently been in the studio and cut, Rhinestone Cowboy, in Glen's honor.

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Rand Paul and TSA Video Released

Rand Paul says he was detained by TSA in Nashville. TSA says he was irate. A new security has been released and it looks as if Mr. Paul is very calm and well mannered. Paul has been very outspoken about the TSA. But I can also attest to the fact that Nashville's airport has some of the shottiest security searches and inconsistent policies. I still love Nashville and hope that everyone will continue to visit our city and hopefully this fiasco will just straighten out any problems that our local TSA has.

You can view the video here:

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Joan Rivers Is Worried Gay Community Is Losing Sense Of Humor

Joan Rivers worries that the gay community might be losing their sense of humor. On a recent episode of Joan Knows Best, Joan made the statement that she wasn't getting a "Chaz Bono" before going into cosmetic procedure. Some gay groups jumped on Joan over that comment.

Read the full story here.


Kim Richards:I'm An Alcoholic

January 30 at 9PM eastern the first, in a three part Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion show will kick off in high gear. Andy Cohen sat down with Kim Richards for a separate sit down interview, which was her first since leaving rehab. The sit down will air as the third installment on Feb 13. During the interview she tells Cohen she checked into rehab because she's an alcoholic.

In part one of the Reunion special the rehashing of Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer's fuede will be a hot topic. As you may recall, Taylor told the housewives some really far reaching stories about her late husband beating her, yet the ladies never saw any signs of abuse or broken bones as Taylor reported. Taylor wanted to gang up on Lisa Vanderpump and when she wanted the women to "be honest" Camille reminded her, that if they were "completely honest" she wouldn't be happy.

It's reported that Part two of the Reunion will have the housewives joined by Brandi Glanville. Brandi plans to defend her potty language and unpopular comments. Taylor Armstrong ends up bringing the revelation that Brandi threatened the other ladies. OHHHHH Taylor, it's so hard to look at you, I'm not talking about the duck bill you have on your face but the whole throwing people under the bus all the time, always the victim, and how wonderful you are, while you bash your dead husband who isn't here to defend himself.

Dana Wilkey, who actually needs to not be on the show at all, will join the last installment with the dramatic sit-down between Kim and Andy.

I'm so excited to see the Reunion shows as I love Lisa and Kim. I'm really hoping that if rumors are true Lisa and Camille will stay on the show. I would to see Taylor and Dana go bye bye! Those dogs don't hunt, I'm sorry.

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YouTube Star Jessica Frech’s Music Career Becomes a “Reality” with Debut Single

YouTube Star Jessica Frech’s Music Career Becomes a “Reality” with Debut Single
-Press Rounds in NYC This Week-

Jessica Frech, the YouTube sensation with more than 8 million views on her channel, debuts her first single, “Reality” today on iTunes. The quirky, pop-folk track proves to be a dream come true for this coed singer-songwriter who turned to Kickstarter.com to fund her debut project.

“I still cannot believe that this whole journey started when I uploaded a funny video called ‘People of Wal-Mart’ to YouTube,” says Jessica. “Just like any other college kid, I wouldn’t have the funds to pursue this avenue and I can’t send enough thanks to those that are traveling over to Kickstarter.com to give me a chance at recording a full length project. I hope they like this first single as a sample of what’s to come.”

Jessica’s satirical songs, covers and parodies have captured fans around the globe since the release of “People of Wal-Mart,” which was recognized by Break.com as the #1 viral video for 2011. Her videos have landed Jessica features on FOX News, Billboard, MSNBC, G4 “Attack of the Show” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” In support of her debut single, Jessica will be appearing on “Good Day New York,” ABC News “What’s the Buzz,” Billboard Online, SiriusXM’s Cosmo Magazine & Alternative Comedy Channel and Fox News Live.

It seems that Jessica has found the attention of more than just the national media scene as celebrity Kirstie Alley tweeted Jessica Frech’s parody of Katy Perry to her one million followers. Marketing departments are tuning in as well as Hyundai connected with Jessica to write and star in two commercials this holiday season. Also, Pepto-Bismol engaged Jessica for a song for its upcoming campaign. These benchmarks are tell-tale signs that 2012 is going to be an exciting year for this Zooey Deschanel meets Norah Jones star. In addition, fans are continuing to fund to her Kickstarter campaign as Jessica prepares for a full length album and is beginning to plan summer tour dates.

To preview and purchase “Reality,” visit

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rascal Flatts Helping Nashville Children's Neonatal Unit

These are stories I love to share and post about. Rascal Flatts has announced that they will continue to support and raise funds in partnership with Nashville's Monroe Carell, Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. Their fundraising efforts will focus on the neonatal center.

Gary LeVox issued a statement and said "It's the only thing, medically, that they just have no clue on, why children are born premature. So we're going to do what we can to help try to find out and see if we can't just be a small part of trying to change history a little bit."

Big thanks to the Rascal Flatts boys. I met Gary many years ago at an industry event not to long after I moved to Nashville and even then he seemed like an upstanding guy. Though I have never met Jay DeMarcus or Joe Don Rooney. When celebrities use their influences to make the world better, help children, or do something positive, it is so much better than hearing them complain about politics.


Merle Haggard Back In The Hospital

Taste Of Country Website has posted the following about Merle Haggard and his health condition. Lets keep prayers going up for the Hag. He and George Jones are the last two major Country Music Male legends fromm the senior class left!

Merle Haggard attempted to go home to Northern California last week, following treatment for double pneumonia. However, he returned to the hospital partway through the bus ride, realizing something still wasn’t right.
Associated Press reports that the 74-year-old singer was found to have three stomach ulcers, eight polyps in his colon and diverticulitis of the esophagus. A hospital spokeswoman says that he’s now undergoing aggressive treatment for the pneumonia.
“Thanks to all the wonderful people all over the world that prayed their special prayers. I’m a new man,” Haggard said in a statement issued through the hospital. “Another special thanks to the folks of Macon, Ga., for their kindness, intelligence and probably
saving my life.”
The country legend
entered the hospital on Jan. 17, minutes before he was scheduled to perform in Macon, Ga. He’s since canceled the remainder of his January tour dates. The next scheduled show is on Feb. 28 in Tucson, Ariz.


Kathy Griffin Plays The Martyr on Rosie's Show

Kathy Griffin playing the martyr is about as accepting as Mel Gibson playing the martyr after his anti-Semitic rants. Face it! Kathy Griffin has made her career as huge as it is today but pulling people down in the most verbally abusive way possible. Yes, she is a comedian so she gets a lot of lenience in my opinion but even with that she goes to far, because some of the junk, well, it isn't funny. It's shock jock tactics. And most people laugh or gasp because they can't believe the little lady on stage saying that. Sorta like if Betty White says a dirty word it's funny because your shocked, if anyone else had said it you wouldn't have cared.

Griffin is often compared to Joan Rivers, sometimes even consider "today's Joan Rivers" but I don't see why. Joan is a comedic genius. She can banter off the cuff, she writes her entire material and no matter how far she goes it's meant to be funny, not to bully or shock. You laugh because the lady has a brilliant mind and can put some absurd and crude material at times together, but when she does it isn't for the sake of just saying the words, they have a punch line. Funny is funny even if it is X Rated funny, R Rated funny, or Disney funny. To me, what Kathy does in her stand up act is complete assignations and shock. She has some hilarious moments but so do most comedians. I was a fan of Kathy for years, ever since the Suddenly Susan days. But to take her seriously as a martyr on the Rosie Show is the ultimate joke. Because the joke's on you if you receive it.

I've met Kathy 3 times. She was wonderful to me, I have no axe to grind, I just am so tired of her joining the "Stop bullying campaigns" for face time on TV when she is a bully herself. And puhleeze, if she is band at the View, then why the heck is she on there even after her public claims of being banned.

OUT: The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom

Canadian Film, The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom became available on DVD yesterday. The film played wide in Canada and was given great reviews. It's about a little girl who is on the search to find her birth mother, who she feels is Dolly Parton. I can't wait to see the film myself. Head over to Amazon and order yours today.


Andy Dick Sued By Two Kentucky Men

Andy Dick is being sued by two Kentucky men for sexual assault. A bouncer and a patron of a local West Virginia night club claim that Dick grabbed the bouncers crotch, then kissed and fondled the patron. Andy pleaded not guilt to criminal charges that allegedly took place on Jan 26, 2010, at the Rum Runners nightclub. Andy's known for this type of bizarre behavior while visiting nightclubs in the same areas where he does his comic stand up. Sadly, I think he could end up dead or worse from his public drunkenness and alleged drug use. This story is just sad.


Garth Brooks In Court-On The Witness Stand

Garth Brooks legal battle with Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon, Okla continued today. Brooks continued testimony and was very emotional when telling the jury that after he thought the construction of the Living Center was a "done deal".

Brooks donated 500,000 to the hospital in memory of his Mother. The money was to be used to erect a Living Center in his Mother's honor.

This hospital administration must be filled with a bunch of losers because they should know that a jury of Garth's peers aren't going to go against the man just named the hottest selling musician of the last 20 years by Sound Scan. Build the freaking Living Center, hang Mama's picture big, thank Garth, apologize to him, and clean your image that you have so publicly tarnished. You can't take a huge amount of money like that and not honor the requests that were attached to it.


Will Lisa Vanderpump Leave RHOBH, If Not, Who Will?

Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville are alluding to the fact that they may not return to The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump is a star and fan favorite. To lose Lisa from the series would be a huge blow for the show in my opinion. I personally don't know if I would continue to watch. Especially with Taylor Armstrong on the show. If anyone is to go it should be Armstrong and newbie Dana.

Brandi Glanville is adding some spice to the Bev Housewives but if she left the show, I doubt anyone would shed a tear. I think given the chance she could really show out. In case you're like me and knew nothing of Brandi before the show, let me remind you. Ms. Glanville was married to Eddie Cibrian. In case your still scratching your head in concentration. He was the actor who made a Lifetime movie with Country's Darling LeAnn Rimes (notice I said actor not movie star, it just doesn't seem right to use star and Lifetime in the same sentence). LeAnn and Eddie got too close on the set, cheated on their spouses, and looked very white trash in the press at that time. Eddie and Brandi have two boys together which LeAnn says she enjoys in her stepmom role. I hope so, because adult's hanky panky that leads to divorce is one thing, but when you knowingly bring someone into your marriage, knowing that it will disrupt your children's life, then, you really need to get your act straight.

Now that I'm done preaching about Eddie what's his face....back to Beverly Hills Housewives. Rumors are that Camille Grammar is leaving. Camille has also stated publicly that the producers of the show want to replace some housewives this year. I think you should leave well enough alone, I love most of this cast. I think Taylor needs to go and I can't say that from enough mountain tops. Who needs a new season of her, "woe is me's" or "neediness" or worse yet, if they do a nauseating season of "I"m getting my independence back because I've been such a victim my hubby hung himself"! I'm not trying to be insensitive, but it's hard to feel sorry for someone who seems so calculating.And for someone who has cashed in on the father of her daughter's death, made alleged charges against him that he never could defend. From day one I felt she was very fallacious in how she portrayed herself and her family.

When Kim Richards was on Witch Mountain, I have to admit, I crushed on her as a child. I still love her on this show. I hope that her stint in rehab helps get her back on track and producers will keep her on the show. I certainly understand if she were recast as she wasn't as available for the show as the other ladies due to her life unraveling. I still think the show should give her a chance.

Kyle Richards has to be safe. Though, I could certainly see a Richards Family spin off of Kim and Kyle and the whole Mauricio loving husband spin. Adrienne Maloof and hubby Paul must stay. Their interaction together is so fun and light and Adrienne looks like a REAL BEVERLY HILLS HOUSEWIFE. She and Lisa really are cast perfectly. Newbie, Dana Wilkey, needs to go, she isn't what you think of when you think of this show, Beverly Hills? No, Dana could star in the Real Housewives Of Little Rock, Arkansas. She's just gurming all the girls.

Stay tuned for the Reunion Show coming up Monday!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here's Little Richard Compilation CD Coming In April with Bonus Material

A New Little Richard compilation is being released with some bonus materials. This is one fan that is very excited to know that some bonus material is being made available. Little Richard is the originator of Rock And Roll and the King long before we heard of a man by the name of Elvis. Richard has become a friend over the years and one of the greatest people you could ever meet, not to mention the most entertaining and colorful.

Artist: Little RichardTitle: Here's Little RichardRelease Date: April 17, 2012Label: ConcordFormat(s): CD, DDLittle Richard jumped into the public eye in 1
956 with his first album on Specialty Records, Here's Little Richard. The Concord Group, who now owns the rights to the Specialty catalog, is reissuing that album on April 17 with bonus content.
Tutti Frutti
True Fine Mama
Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
Ready Teddy
Slippin' and Slidin' (Peepin' and Hidin')
Long Tall Sally
Miss Ann
Oh Why?
Rip It Up
Jenny, Jenny
She's Got It

Baby (demo)
All Night Long (demo)

I had a little fun last Halloween dressing up like my friend. Hope you get a kick out of this pic of me as Little Richard!

Lily Tomlin Hosts Panel In Conjunction To Film: Carol Channing: Larger Than Life

Lily Tomlin hosted a panel discussion for the movie, Carol Channing: Larger Than Life. The panel which included the director, Dori Berinstein, Bruce Vilanch, Joanne Worley, and Carol Cooke took place in conjunction with the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary about Broadways biggest star.

Others in attendance were: George Chakiris, Charles Fox, Davis Gaines, Ilene Graff, Tippi Hedren, Michael Learned, Kate Linder, Julie Newmar, Connie Stevens, Ruta Lee, Rose Marie, Richard Skipper, Barbara Van Orden, and Dee Wallace.

The film is playing nationally in select theaters and will be released in April on DVD with bonus footage. This is one film I'm very eager to see. I was around for much of the taping and couldn't be more excited to see my dear friend Carol Channing shown in such a respectful recollection of her most lucrative career.

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Joan Rivers Kicks Back At Chelsea Handler. Note To Chelsea Don't Mess With A Legend!

Joan Rivers don't take any garbage off anyone, especially Chelsea Handler. Both ladies are very funny but Joan is a comedic genius and legend. Though both ladies' momma stayed very busy washing their mouthes out with soap growing up.

Their feude unwinded at the Howard Stern Show. This video isn't for those who can't handle a few langugage dips though most is beeped out.

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TV Chefs Distancing Selves From Paula Deen

Paula Deen is reportedly shocked by the under whelming support that peers and fans have shown toward the announcement that she has type 2 diabetes. I have to agree, fellow television chefs should support her decision to seek treatment. Deen's southern and unhealthy cuisine is being thrown into her face after the announcement of her diagnosis.

Each interview I've seen with Paula Deen, she always addresses that her foods are unhealthy southern and or comfort foods and should be eaten in moderation. I think everyone knows what they are getting into when they eat fatty or sweat foods so to take down Paula Deen for your diabetes is as absurd as taking down Phillip Morris because you got cancer from smoking. In this day and age information is available about foods and every ingredient known to man.

However, I do think it was poor taste of Paula to not tell her employer, The Food Network, about her diagnosis in advance. The network says that they learned the news after Paula's public announcement. Hopefully, that was just an oversight.

To paraphrase one of Paula's comments to Joy Behar "I don't want to get ran over by a car and have a
d*%#n piece of lettuce falling out." I'm with her...pass me the fried chicken!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Garth Brooks Becomes The Highest Selling Artist Of The Last 20 Years

Soundscan has announced that Garth Brooks is the highest selling artists of the last 20 years, taking away the Beatles lead by 5 million units. Mariah Carey, Metalica and Celine Dione rounded out the top 5. The fact that the Beatles are still number 2 after having most of it's members dead and the group disbanding decades before Soundscan was in motion is pretty amazing record itself.

Jacqueline Shows Daycare License to Sway Sex Worker Claims

New Jersey Housewife, Jacqueline Laurita has been fielding rumors that she was a stripper/paid escort while living in Las Vegas. Jacqueline offered up this Daycare worker's license from her days in Las Vegas.

"I swear on the life of myself, my husband and my children that I was never a call girl or ever got paid for any sexual favor of any kind, either," Jacqueline told Rob Shuter's Naughty But Nice column.

Sources say that this license should put to rest any rumors that she was a sex worker as a sex worker wouldn't need a day job. I think we should take the woman's word, unless proof of these allegations surfaced. I do have to say that this license wouldn't dispel any rumors for me. If you were working as a child worker in Vegas it doesn't mean you wouldn't want to kink it up at some point before or after for more money.

I love Jersey Housewives...not as much as I do my Atlanta and Beverly Hills ones but I do love them. I have to admit if Caroline Manzo wasn't on the show I wouldn't love them as much. I personally wouldn't suspect Jacqueline to be the stripper or callgirl type. That's more of a Teresa Giudice job!

Xfactor's Nicole Scherzinger Bares Unmade Face

XFactor's Nicole Scherzinger posted a twitter pic of her clad only in a towel and without makeup. Snooki must be setting a trend, she went bare faced recently. Maybe the celebrities out there are shedding the stigma of a glammed looked and want people to see their human too.

Aretha Calls Off Wedding

"Will and I have decided we were moving a little too fast, and there were a number of things that had not been thought through thoroughly. There will be no wedding at this time," are the words from The Queen Soul, Aretha Franklin concerning her wedding ceremony to fiance Willie Wilkerson.

Shortly after New Years Day, Franklin made the announcement she was marrying Wilkerson. Franklin is 69, had a secret health scare last year, has lost a great deal of weight, and says she is feeling better than ever. Maybe Willie didn't show her enough R-E-S-P-E-C-T and she didn't want to get a D-I-V-O-R-C-E. I know I wouldn't want to clash with the Queen of Soul!

Steven Tyler Gets In the Buff For J-LO

While filming American Idol in Las Vegas, Steven Tyler shed his clothing and jumped into the swimming area, where an aquatic stunt show took place. Jennifer Lopez was in shock, and Ryan Seacrest, couldn't wait to air out the (lack of) dirty laundry on Jay Leno. (Note to Ryan---if you go back on Leno he may ask you about it again, again, and again--he's slipping with his interview skills).

Tyler had this to say about the incident:

"Hey, I'm from Boston! I love water ... Well I sat at 'La Reve' all week and I just thought, I've watched the show all week and I'm a water guy. I just wanted a good excuse to take my clothes off in front of J.Lo."

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Emmylou Harris Celebrates 20 Years At The Opry

Emmylou Harris shared special moments and friends as the Grand Ole Opry celebrated her 20th Anniversary this past Saturday at the Ryman. I am so proud that Nashville and the Opry have such an incredible artist like Emmylou Harris who appears more than just once every blue moon.

Ms. Harris is appreciated by not only country music fans, but with bluegrass, rock, and folk music lovers alike. Her proteges include Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, and more.

I've had the chance to meet Emmylou on many occassions and she is a great conversationalist, no celebrity snobbery about her, a real down to earth person, which I think isn't talked about enough.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lee Brice's Career May Be On Fire, But So Was His Bus!!!

Lee Brice is on fire! Well, his bus was! Lee's group stopped at one of Toby Keith's restaurants while he slept in the back. He was awoken by members of his group and flames.

"So we had to run off and within a couple of minutes it was in flames. The whole back of the lounge was apparently burned through." the singer says.

Glad ole Lee is ok. But I think people will think twice about saying Lee's career is on fire!


Phyllis Diller To Guest On Bold and Beautiful Conversation with Alan Mercer

It's great to hear that Phyllis Diller is making a guest appearance on the Bold and The Beautiful. I've often said that I think Soaps should lean on some older actors and actresses and big name senior stars and their ratings would be all the better. After all the Soaps hey days were all about the glamour and rich heiress and company take overs. They weren't about who had the hottest pecks.

But back to the wonderful, beautiful, genius of Phyllis Diller. My friend, Alan Mercer, has featured Ms. Diller on his current blog. I hope all of you will take a visit to his blog and read his conversation with the original Stand Up Queen. By the way Alan took both of the photos of Phyllis that I have posted. The one of Phyllis and I features a painting that Diller, named, "Rachel", that hangs proudly in my office.

Check out Alan's blog with Phyllis at the following link: http://amprofile.blogspot.com/2012/01/phyllis-diller.html


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meryl Streep Amazing in Iron Lady!

My friends and I went to see Iron Lady. The Academy should just hand Meryl Streep her Oscar now. If anyone has a better performance than Streep's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher I refuse to accept it!

In one scene as Margaret Thatcher proofreads paperwork and gets into a frenzy over their grammar errors, my friend, Cole, nudges me and says, "She sure wouldn't like your blog. Would she?". I must agree with Cole.

Ahh, I'm not Margaret Thatcher, but she'll never be Mr. Nashille either. I'll let you figure out who gets the short end on that deal. HA.

Go see this movie! Naturally, you need to see Joyful Noise with Dolly Parton first. My loyalty is always to the woman of my heart, then after you see Joyful Noise during an evening showing, you can catch Iron Lady for a nice matinee. We want to make sure Dolly does more movies on the big screen. We already know Meryl is going to be on the silver screen for many years to come.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

LeAnn Rimes Shows Off New Tattoo

LeAnn Rimes is one of the sweetest celebrities I've met. Very in touch with her fans. Incredible voice. But what's with the tattoos. Here's her latest. She also has one near her pelvis that quotes Maya Angelou, "Still I Rise". OOOOOOOKAAAY????? Just the thought of Maya Angelou's name and pelvis being mentioned in the same sentence makes me nauseous. Anyway, LeAnn posted the pic of her new tat on twitter.


Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler CMT Crossroads!

Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler to film a special CMT Crossroads. This should be great. We all know Carrie's got the pipes and Steven Tyler has rock and roll pipes that never age. I think this one will be interesting. Wonder if Carrie has the edge to pull off some of Aerosmith's tunes? Wonder if Steven is going to do a rocked out Jesus Take The Wheel? It would be worth tuning in just to hear/see that!

Love it when CMT actually airs music vs all these corn pone, redneck, reality shows about people rolling around in mud, kissing turtles, and turkey races. Seeing too much of this, takes away the joy and fun of these festivities for us at family reunions! Man, I miss TNN!!!!!!

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Rock Queen Etta James Dies, Age 73

The Legendary Etta James died today of leukemia at age 73. Many new fans were introduced to Etta through Beyonce's portrayal of her in the movie, Cadillac Records. The music world new her as a powerhouse, groundbreaking, entertainer. Like many African American entertainers she was part of the creation of rock and roll, long before white kids had ever heard of this new form of music. Her signature song At Last, is one of the most popular crossover songs of all time. Her 1963 album, "Etta Rocks The House", was recorded at the famous New Era Club in Nashville, TN. It's one of my favorites.

The clip posted isn't her signature tune, but it's one that shows you that Etta could rock!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dolly Parton/Dollywood to Open New Park In Nashville! Announces on Her Birthday!!!!

Usually on one's birthday they get gifts, but in typical Dolly Parton fashion, she's giving her fans a gift on her special day. Dolly Parton's Dollywood Company announced today that they will partner with Gaylord Entertainment to build a Dollywood park in Nashvillle.

Most people of Nashville know that our tourism has died with all the changes the city has made over the years, the closing of Opryland, and the departure of The Nashville Network. The Grand Ole Opry has sure felt the impact hard, sometimes crowds can be less than half a house and they have already cut Firday and Saturday to one night shows. Part of this is because most tourists want to hear traditional music and the Opry offers a lot of newcomers their debut now. Hopefully with the Dollywood attraction on it's campus the Opry will get the pacemaker it needs to keep it's heart a flutter. I'm sure Opry Mills will be booming once again but more importantly the whole Music Valley area that became a virtual ghost town will get the kickstart it needs to see it's glory days. And even better to all is that Dolly's Nashville park will be operating yearly vs closing for the winter season.

The new park is described below in the official press release from Dollywood. It looks as if Nashville's Dollywood will offer a water snow park. Not sure if plans are to include rides and musical entertainment at this point. It's possible that they don't want the park too similar to their original which is Tennessee's number 1 paid attraction. It would be nice if they did include a Dolly Parton museum at the park, after all, it's her namesake. The Chasing Rainbows, Dolly Parton Museum, designed by Steve Summers is amazing at the Pigeon Forge Park.

Many theme parks have tried to build in Nashville and the deal always falls through. Several Christian related Bible Fun Parks as well as Busch Gardens all abandoned plans to build in the Nashville area. Dolly is just the figure to revive Nashville to her former glory. When she became the majority partner with Silver Dollar City in Pigeon Forge, the current park was barely afloat. Parton's name and apearances on the Park have made it a success that has lasted nearly 30 years and most recently was honored with The Applause Award, the highest honor to any theme/amusement parks. Dollywood even beat the Disney Parks.

Dolly Parton opened a second theme park in Pigeon Forge, TN in May 2001, Dollywood's Splash Country. The new park focused on water slides, pools, and looked like a mountain water paradise. At Dolly's Park, like Dollywood, it's Dollyized. The water park is not only fun for the entire family, has better food and atmosphere, it a beautiful place. I assume that Dollywood's Splash Country will be the model in which to adapt the new venture.

Dollywood also launched, Dollywood Vacations, in the more recent years, as a cabin rental area. Plans are in the making for a Dollywood Resort/Spa Hotel and Entertainment center in Pigeon Forge.

Dolly's Dixie Stampede was launched in the 80's and has also proven it's success. The Dinner Theater pits the North against the South with the audience involvement from their seats. At the Dixie you will see beautiful horses and an incredible show with an amazing dinner. The Dixie Stampede not only operates in Pigeon Forge but also in Branson. The Myrtle Beach location was recently revamped from a Dixie Stampede to a Dolly's Pirates Voyage which features sea animals in the show and a musical score written by Dolly. Parton even appears as a mermaid via large video screens in one section of the show. Lets hope that Parton will consider the Pirates Voyage as an addition to Nashville as well, since a Dixie Stampede is only 3 hours away in Pigeon Forge.

Hopefully, the Dollywood location will also be a venue for Dolly Parton to perform and make visits. The Dollywood in Piegeon Forge usually gets at least 3 Dolly park personal appearances per year. Occassionally she will make many more appearances and even perform concerts to benefit the Dollywood Foundation, the mastermind behind the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. With the Dolly Parton enterprise growing the Foundation also will grow and hopefully impact Nashville in a mightier way.

One of the biggest problems the Dollywood Theme Park in Pigeon Forge faces is there isn't a large enough venue for a Dolly concert. Usually when Parton performs a benefit concert it has to be done through 4 shows over 2 days. Here, in Nashville The Opry House can easily seat 4,400 people. A strong contrast to the D.P. Celebrity Theater which holds aprox 1,400 people. I hope that in the future plans for the original Dollywood, a large concert venue for Dolly and other celebrities will be built. This Spring a major roller coaster will unveil America's first winged coaster, The Wild Eagle.

I'm so proud of Dolly. I wish her well in all her new business ventures and I'm sure they will be a major success. Nashville needed this attraction more than most folks know, and more than political leaders will admit. With this attraction, family enetertainment will come to Nashville once again and draw more businesses to follow suit. Who knows? Maybe the Music Valley area can become an area like the Pigeon Forge Parkway. And to Nashville's advantage the wild honky tonk crowd can hang on the other side of town on Broadway. So you can be naughty or nice in Nashville!

Lots of love to Dolly from me! Thank you for your kindness, your friendship, and most of all your big heart to help others.

Press Release From Dollywood:

Two of the biggest names in Tennessee tourism are teaming up to bring family entertainment back to Nashville. Gaylord Entertainment (NYSE: GET) and Dolly Parton’s Dollywood Company have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a 50/50 joint venture to develop a 105-acre family entertainment zone adjacent to the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. The Dollywood Company will serve as the operating partner. Phase one of the project is a yet unnamed $50 million water and snow park, the first of its kind in the U.S. A fall 2012 groundbreaking date is expected with the park opening slated for summer of 2014.

The water and snow park will anchor the project which offers room for future expansion. The park will provide a mix of high energy water activities for the summer season and designated snow activities for winter play. Once open, first year attendance is projected at 500,000, a large portion of which will come from out of state, bringing in substantial tourism revenue to Tennessee and Nashville. Dollywood expects to employ 450 full- and part- time employees, including the construction phase and once the facility is operational. This proposed attraction furthers Gaylord’s focus on growing the leisure side of its business and continuing to drive revenue through its top-notch entertainment attractions throughout the year. The Dollywood Company is responsible for managing Dolly Parton’s Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, as well as her dinner theatre attraction, Dixie Stampede. Annually, these attractions attract approximately four million visitors and have won some of the industry’s most coveted awards including “world’s best theme park" and “America’s most beautiful water park.”

“I’m so excited about this opportunity," Dolly Parton said. “I am confident that partnering my Dollywood Company with a great company like Gaylord will create something truly special. We’re all working on new types of entertainment to do in the daytime and nighttime for the whole family so we bring new folks to the area year round.”

“We are thrilled by the prospect of bringing to Nashville a family focused entertainment center with one of the preeminent theme park owners and operators in the country," said Colin V. Reed, chairman and chief executive officer, Gaylord Entertainment. “I am confident this proposed attraction, which will be a destination not only for our hotel guests but for the entire Nashville community, will meaningfully enhance our transient and leisure strategy by introducing a fun, family environment to the region. With Dolly Parton’s country music legacy and strong ties to Nashville, we can think of no better partner for this venture than Dolly’s Dollywood Company.”

“We hope that some other developers with great ideas will join us in creating this new area. We’re saying the water and snow park are the first phase, but who knows, if we see some great ideas we could be developing the entire zone by the time the snow and waterpark open. Wouldn’t that be great for Nashville and the state,” Parton said.

We are in the early stages of planning and will make certain that any project we pursue is done so under the appropriate economic conditions and provides the appropriate returns for our shareholders," said Reed. “We are looking forward to working on the next steps of this project and to it becoming a valuable part of the Nashville community.”

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Marty Stuart To Open Museum in Philadelphia, MS

Marty Stuart plans to open a museum to display his "Sparkle and Twang" museum in Philadelphia, MS. I was at the opening night of Marty's, "Sparkle and Twang", exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum. It was an amazing night. He had displays featuring Dottie Rambo, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, and many more. It's really sad that Nashville couldn't get this exhibit permanently or that the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum couldn't have partnered up with Marty for a permanent spot. But Nashville's loss is Philadelphia, MS's gain. And anything that spreads the word about this great music is A-OK with me. Good Luck Marty! He's a great man, great performer, and I wish more of today's artists had his heart for keeping Country, Bluegrass, and Gospel Music heard by the world.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Merle Haggard Hospitalized In Macon, GA

Merle Haggard has been hospitalized, according to his longtime manager Frank Mull. The 74 year old Country Music Icon, and one of America's greatest songwriters, was sick upon leaving home for tour dates. Haggard, fell prior to going on stage to perform, at a scheduled concert and was admitted into a hospital in Macon, GA. Merle's illness is unknown and his reps aren't releasing any information at this point.

Frank is very loyal to the Hag, and I feel good knowing Mull has his back, he's in good hands. I'm praying for a very speedy recovery and hope you will do so as well. I have never personally met Merle but have dealt with Frank Mull, his manager, in the past and he is the utmost professional.

For years Haggard and Hollywood were trying to work out the details to make a movie about the Hag's life. This is a movie that has to be made. I've read his book, he's had a wild ride, and this is one Country Music story that would play out on the screen, keeping you on the edge of your seats. Lets get the Producers and Director from Walk The Line on this right now. I wish every country singer had their own John Carter Cash, then things might get done. He sure has kept Johnny and June's legacy alive.

Don't you think the Hag's life should be on the big screen?


Garth Brooks Means Business! Give Him His Money Back!

Don't mess with Garth's momma or his money. Garth Brook's momma died in 1999. In memory of his Mom, Garth donated a tribute to her of 500,000 to the Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon, OK. Plans were shown to Garth that his donation would erect a new Living Center under his mother's name. This is very common for Hospitals. But the Living Center plans, fell dead so to speak. Garth wants his money back. I can't say I blame him. The hospital refuses and says that Garth's gift was anonymous and unconditional.

Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital, you should be ashamed of yourself. A proud Okie like Garth wants to pay tribute to his Mom, and gives you 500,000 and you refuse to honor the request????? Do you think many more big donors are going to come your way after doing such a shameful thing. He lost his mom and now he has this headache that will ever be imprinted on his memory. I would be scared to be a patient at a hospital that is untruthful, who knows when they will pinch a penny and someone flat lines.

This hospital is SHAMELESS! Garth's lyrics may sing different tune but he doesn't want these type of "Friends In Low Places". C'mon hospital, you know this a PR nightmare for you. Garth has done so much for OK and I have to say is probably the nicest man in Country Music. Even if you didn't like his music you can't help but think he's great. Give the man a building with his Momma's name on it or give him a check. Shady! Garth, get cash, their check may not clear.


Jake Owen Has A Tumble-Not Good For His Fans Or Collarbone

Jake Owen has rescheduled some concert tour dates since having surgery on his collarbone after a tumble? What kind of tumble does a grown man like him have? I'd love to know the details. The event caused multiple fractures and took place on Friday the 13th. Oops bad luck Jake. Hate it for ya. But get well soon.


Randy Travis Gets New Manager And He's Getting Back To The Music!

I expected this would come along. Randy Travis was married to his manager Liz for many years, most of which was kept in secret. They came open about their relationship after the press and tabloids reported that Randy Travis was a homosexual. Upon their separation it was said that Liz would remain Randy's manager. I knew that wouldn't last for too long. Who wants to deal with their ex upon divorce? Especially pay her commissions. Not anyone who has much sense, or on the flip side someone would have to be easy going.

Ken Levitan is a management powerhouse so lets hope Randy's best career years are ahead of him and not behind him. I know some folks that would like to keep him around, "Forever and Ever Amen".

I really hope this works out because Randy Travis was the voice of the 1980's. Never met him, or dealt with him, but I hear he's a great guy.

From Webster Associates:
Nashville, Tennessee – (January 18, 2012) — Country Music Superstar Randy Travis is emphasizing the ‘new’ in the New Year unfolding.

Under a just announced new management team, the career reins of the multi-platinum awarded Randy Travis, who ranks as one of country music’s top-selling artists of all time, are being guided by Ken Levitan, of Vector Management, and Jeff Davis, of SUM Management. Levitan is the high-profile management force behind some of the top names in the industry, as diverse as Hank Williams, Jr., Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Fray, Trace Adkins, Emmylou Harris, and Kings of Leon, to mention just a few.

Levitan is creatively aligning with Davis, whose working association with Travis spans over 24 years, to form a major affiliate for development of Travis’ ongoing successful career interests. Levitan’s and Davis’ new direction for Travis will continue to be supported by CAA, where Marc Dennis acts as responsible agent for scheduling Travis’ bookings and live performances. Randy Travis moves into 2012 with renewed career momentum.

2011 marked the official beginning of Randy’s 25th year in the industry, with the Warner Bros. Records release of his “Anniversary Celebration” CD on June 7 that gives a panoramic view of what a quarter century of iconic success in country music looks like, and sounds like. 1986 ignited the-then 27 year old artist’s career and reached mass market heights, with the single release of his breakthrough smash, “On The Other Hand”. The single pinnacled to become the first of 18 #1 hits for Travis.

“Storms of Life”, the debut album that followed, reached triple platinum, laying the foundation for the 20+ million lifetime sales of Travis’ incredible music career. In the midst of becoming a humble phenomena, Travis is credited with being the creative cornerstone of the ‘new traditionalist’ movement that emerged from his influence—a late 80’s, early 90’s wave that swept in a flood of new artists influenced by Travis such as Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley.

In addition to guest tracks from the aforementioned ‘new artists’ he influenced, the star-studded cast of collaborators, on “Anniversary Celebration”, included a virtual who’s who of Nashville’s current hit-makers and legends. In May 2011, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store released their own 11-track tribute to Travis, with a much-anticipated “Greatest Hits” package, which benefitted the national Wounded Warriors Project.

In the wings of 2012, there will be an immediate and aggressive emphasis placed on the visibility of Travis across multiple media formats. Announcements of several major new career initiatives will be forthcoming from Levitan and Davis.


Kid Rock Will Huff And Puff And Blow This Concert Down!

"It should be no secret that I do receive special treatment," he concedes to the Detroit News. "I worked very hard for it, and without it my life would be a series of nonstop cellphone pictures."

This statement was made from Rock Star, Kid Rock, after smoking a cigar at a Travis Tritt show caused some uproar from fans. Some even left the performance early due to the smell of the cigar.

First yall, how cool is it that Kid Rock went to a Travis Tritt concert? Pretty cool, I'd say. Travis has an amazing voice but not much has been said about him in a coon's age. I'd say Travis should buy Kid a box of stogies as a thank you for getting his name in the press again.

Kid Rock gets a bad rap but I have to say that he was very nice when I met him. Above is a photo of my bestfriend Chris Barnes and I with Kid after his after party in Nashville. Yep, he has his cigar there too. It's his thang! Chill.

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Wait No More Keith's All For The Hall Has Been Scheduled

According to theboot.com Keith Urban has set the date for his annual "All For The Hall" benefit show. You may remember this concert, which benefits the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum, was on hold after Keith had vocal surgery. If you've never attended, you should buy a ticket. A great cause, great entertaining show, but yes, lots of drunken gals who scream really loud. HA

On April 10, 2012, some of the biggest names in music will share the stage to raise money for a coveted Nashville landmark, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Organizer
Keith Urban has announced the new spring date for the all-star 'We're All for the Hall' concert at Music City's Bridgestone Arena. The country superstar was forced to postpone the original January date under doctors' orders, as he had to take a break from singing to recover from throat surgery.Joining Keith for the show will be Vince Gill, Alabama, Rascal Flatts, Alison Krauss and Union Station, Little Big Town, the Band Perry, Blue Sky Riders, Diamond Rio, Exile, Lady Antebellum, Pistol Annies, Thompson Square and the Oak Ridge Boys. In past years, Keith and Vince have performed with every artist as the "house band."


Showbiz Deluxe Interviews Robin Leach

This week at Showbiz Deluxe, we caught up with the media king of Las Vegas, Mr. Robin Leach. This inspiring entrepreneur has been jet setting and impressing the entertainment biz for over thirty years. SD talked to Robin about his exciting Las Vegas lifestyle, journalistic inspirations, hosting the crazy Surreal Life: Fame Games and much more!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Man Behind Queen Loretta Lynn's Trademark Gowns: Tim Cobb

Unfortunately over the years we have lost so many incredible Country Music legends that novice fans don't know the authentic Country Music experience that longtime Country Music fans knew and loved. Today, most country artists stage attire is much like their audiences attire. Country Music in it's glory days, really was a Southern Hollywood. Artists knew that when they stepped on the stage that their appearance was just as much the attraction as their talents. It's sad that many of today's Country audience may not get to experience the impact of the Country Royalty that held court as soon as the first rhinestone boot or glamorous high heel hit the stage.

For those who have never been afforded the true Country Music experience, you still can. The one artist that has kept the tradition going, without falter, is the Queen herself, Loretta Lynn. If you ever wondered what Nashville and/or Country Music is, the Country Music story, you need not search any farther than the audience at the Grand Ole Opry, when Loretta Lynn walks the stage. Teenagers adore her, truck drivers sing along with her, little starry eyed girls are amazed, and most Country fans have grown up feeling as if Loretta was a part of her family.

I've had the chance (excuse me, the HONOR) to meet and work with Loretta Lynn, believe me, she is true blue. When she talks, it's from the heart, when she performs, her voice is stronger than most 1/3 of her age that are doing less shows. She attracts fans from Rock bands like Jack White and the White Strypes to Bret Michaels and Poison. She can take the stage of The Opry or the rowdy crowd venue of Bonaroo and all leave having experienced the true Rags To Riches, Country Music Story, and the symbol of the Legendary Country Music Performer.

Loretta's trademark ballgowns are the design of Tim Cobb, her faithful dress designer and friend for over three decades. Just as great music producers like Owen Bradley and great studio musicians such as the A Team, Tim's contributions to the history of Country Music are just as important. Minnie Pearl without her signature price tagged
hat just wouldn't be the same and this is the same of Loretta Lynn without her evening gowns. From Farm Aid to the White House, Tim has dressed Loretta for all our most memorable moments of the Queen. And no matter what she is going through, once she slides into her signature gowns, the room sees The Coal Miner's Daughter who made good. She's The American Dream Set To Song, and Icon. Not to mention the girl, with all her innocence, made people chuckle at the thought of a bologna sandwich.

I recently got to interview Tim about being the man, behind the signature look, of Van Lear Rose, Loretta Lynn.

Mr. Nashville: From the first time I came to Nashville and made it around the scene, people would say "you and Tim Cobb with Loretta Lynn really do the same thing and have the same spirit". I, was working with my Gospel Queen, Dottie Rambo, while you were with our Country Queen, Loretta. What was it like moving from Arkansas to Nashville?

Tim: It was not a big change as for the move to Nashville. I already had lived in Los Angeles to attend The Fashion Institute of Design, and also in Dallas to school at the Ogle School of Cosmetology. Those cities were a culture shock to an 18 year old fresh out of high school with a class of 48 graduating together. Nashville was an attraction in that it had a small town feel even though it's "metroplex size".

Mr. Nashville: Nashville has really changed a lot since I first came here, but you have really seen a lot of it's Glory days and now the modernization of it all. Do you sometimes miss your old haunts or the not so modern town it has become?

Tim: I think what I miss most about Nashville is the ease of traveling from one place to another. The years have brought forth much more traffic and congestion that was not there before. I look at the city much more differently now, but that old familiar feeling I had comes back if I am down on Broadway, (when it is not congested with tourists during the summer). That part is the old Nashville to me in particular.

Mr. Nashville: How did you first start designing for Loretta?

Tim: I was designing a pageant line for the Les Wilk Company in Dallas. I was so disenchanted with manufacturing by then since the company heads kept trying to get me to cut the fabrics in my designs, yet still demand the same wholesale prices of the garments. "One should get what one pays for" is what I believe. On a vacation, I decided to go to Nashville to see what the competition was at the time, bringing along with me two gowns I designed with Loretta in mind. I went to the CMA building to ask for a directory for the artists and their offices. They were so nice to me and very helpful. I asked them where Loretta's office was and they replied, "Upstairs". I went up and did a "cold call", meeting her office manager, Lorene Allen. Lorene was impressed with the gowns and asked if I would come back later that night late, since Loretta would be there to leave out for tour on the bus. I came back and we met. Loretta loved both gowns, my sketches and funny, those two gowns fit perfectly. She bought both that night, and the rest is history, I guess. After showing her photos of some of the things I had designed for the Miss America and Miss USA Pageants, she was familiar with a few of those dresses. In a few days she called to ask me to design her gowns for an upcoming television special, "Loretta Lynn in Big Apple Country". That was my first television credit. Not too bad for a little country farm kid from Lake City, Arkansas!

Mr. Nashville: How did you develop your working relationship in the beginning with her?

Tim: It was always easy, since Loretta was and still is just as most would think she is. Totally down to earth. Sure she is an icon and a piece of not just American History, but she is still just the little girl from Butcher Holler, Kentucky.

Mr. Nashville:Immediately when people think of Loretta Lynn, they think of the amazing gowns. Loretta really in a lot of ways was one of the first major artists to dress in the beaded gowns on stage. Does she have much input into the creation of the gowns?

Tim: Loretta began performing in the long gowns through Patsy Cline's influence. Patsy was the first artist to do this, giving women in country music more sophistication. Loretta's style has always been her's whether she made it herself, or another designer did it, and now, whatever I design for her. I am fortunate in that she developed a trust in me since that first meeting in that I pretty much just make it and say, this is the new gown. Oh, she will tell me if she doesn't like something and that has happened maybe twice in 30 plus years. But, some things she loved when at first she thought she would not. She is royalty in my eyes, and that is what I set out to design befitting to her as that. Very few can carry off these gowns and she does with ease saying, "My fans expect to see me in my gowns" and will wear one doing an outside concert with a 102 degree heat index. Through the years, we have done different looks and had much fun with them. The white outfit she wore at the very first Farmaid was one. I just designed it and put it on the bus. I pulled it out right before the show and she thought I was crazy. Maybe it was the thigh high spike heeled boots. Ha. She wore that and wowed the stadium crowd that day. Still, we always return to the gowns, her signature style.

Mr. Nashville:How long does it usually take to create one of the stage gowns like she wears today?

Tim: In the eighties, I did them in one night. Now, I like to have at least a week of no interruption to complete one. The last Grammy gown took two months because of the total hand beading.

Mr. Nashville: You've designed and created gowns for some of the most important events in Loretta's career. Is there a favorite event you have designed for? What was that dress like?

Tim: My favorite event was for her recent 50th year celebrations because of the significance. The gold and ivory ballgown reflected that, I think. "Royalty's Golden Jubilee" was that goal of mine. Funny in that with scheduling and a unfortunate year of personal loss, I created that gown in 48 hours...... Weird, huh?

Mr. Nashville: What about a favorite design that you have made?

Tim: It is a gold and white heavily beaded jumpsuit with the shoes built in, that has a ball gown netting skirt. It was designed for the opening for President George Bush Sr. Library. It is now on display in her museum.

Mr. Nashville: Does Loretta have a favorite that she has shared with you? A dress that you nearly had to hide so she wouldn't wear it again?

Tim: Loretta's favorite gown is an emerald green and gold beaded ballgown that I designed for her to wear to a ball in her honor in Ireland. It is the gown she wore when she was honored by the Kennedy Center. If a gown seems to be getting too much wear, I steal it out of the closet and display in the museum. She lets me have it over that.....hahaha.......

Mr. Nashville: Have you noticed that a lot of the country artists aren't as glamour-ized as they once were? I really miss it when we'd see the award shows. Loretta, Tammy, Dolly, Dottie West, Barbara Mandrell were all Southern Hollywood. Now it seems more played down. Do you miss the glamour part as much as I do?

Tim: It is that as the world has changed, the music industry has changed, too. It is more a business for most, and that business is all about competition. I don't mean that in a bad way but just the facts. "Whatever/whoever" is deemed the newest thing, others will follow to compete. Garth Brooks and George Straight brought in that "good ole boy" cowboy look years ago, just as the late legend, "Dottie West" brought in that sexy, cowgirl style. It was Shania Twain that brought forth the current look that has evolved for most female artists performing now, in my opinion. She brought in the more dressed down sexy club look that one sees now, years ago. Styles change and always will. I miss more about the way artists dress for award shows, even though now I see that has changed finally for the better.

Mr. Nashville: Aside from The Coal Miner's Daughter, is there a country artist that you thought, "Wow, I'd really love to design one gown for them?"

Tim: Not really, I guess. I was blessed to have designed a few things for Reba in the eighties, most notably the royal blue suede gown she won "CMA Entertainer of the Year" in. Total sweetheart is Reba and I love her dearly. Also, I was blessed to design things for great friends, "The Whites".....Sharon, Cheryl, and Mr. Buck, too. I love those amazing people. Too fun was designing their sister's wedding gown as well....

Mr. Nashville: I know Loretta has to really keep you occupied but do you ever get to take on an outside client?

Tim: Though I am so flattered to be asked at times to create for others, I am exclusive to Ms. Lynn and have been since 1997. My schedule now would not allow it since my responsibilities extend far beyond wardrobe now.

Mr. Nashville: Another passion of yours, that some people may not know about, is the museum that you curate at Loretta's Ranch. I know you have told me how seriously you take this task. You have really worked hard to include not only Loretta's most famous memorabilia, but also have included her musical friends costumes and keepsakes as well. Is there one item that you would love to see in Loretta's museum that you haven't obtained yet?

Tim: The "Coal Miner's Daughter Museum" is my "baby" I can't deny that. When I moved to Hurricane Mills years ago, I was entrusted to design and see construction of many projects and that was a blessing to me. Her new home, two tour buses, a couple other homes, and then her museum, I was lucky to see to completion from ground up. As for her museum, it ended up being 18,000 square feet and now has over 4500 items on display with almost enough in the archive alone to open another of the same size. Loretta collected throughout her whole career from artists of all genres, plus kept everything of her own life. Her museum chronicles that life. I like to say, "You've read the book and seen the movie, so now you can see everything about it up close and personal". The vast collection is overwhelming and it is fun to see the visitors reactions. Most are surprised to know she knew Frank Sinatra personally, or even other Hollywood celebrities. Loretta Lynn is a fan of those artists and they are fans of Loretta, too. I think all artists are included though they might not be on display since there is a ton in the vault, yet to be able to be put out. We need to build on, I guess......hehe

Mr. Nashville: Ok, in closing if you were to pick one of Loretta's song titles that most applied to you, what would it be?

Tim: Song title befitting me? No question......"Squaws on the Warpath". Some here will scatter when I am on the warpath. Ha. You? Maybe, "Wine, Woman, and Song" ........ ;)

Much thanks to Tim Cobb. Thank you for your time, those beautiful Loretta Lynn moments, and your friendship.

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