Sunday, November 20, 2011

TLC's Beverly Hills Brides features Mamie Van Doren

Just as we get over the shock (eyes rolled) that Kim Kardashian's (ahem) marriage to Kris Humphries is ending we hear the tragic news of the Demi/Ashton split. I personally thought it was a mistake for Demi to marry a guy just out of diapers when she is at an age to start wearing them. Love knows no age I guess (big grin). All I can say is put the Kleenex away and tune in this afternoon, Sunday for a repeat episode of TLC's Brides Of Beverly Hills! Hollywood Blonde Bombshell and my friend, Mamie Van Doren will make a stop to select the perfect dress to renew her vows to husband Thomas Dixon in.

Mamie Van Doren is the only remaining member of the three M"s (Marilyn, Mamie, and Mansfield) that dominated the 50's Blonde Bombshell era. At 80, Mamie is busy as ever with several projects in the works including her incredible country music album "Still A Trouble Maker" that's on itunes now. Mamie's original tunes mixed with classic covers brings a great combination of welcome revisitation and spontaniety for your listening pleasure. Yes friends, Mamie is as easy on the ears as she is the eyes! Lynn Anderson, Deborah Allen, and Linda Davis all join in on Mamie's song fest as well. The retail release is in the near future but hop over to itunes and check it out.

Tune into Brides of Beverly Hills with Mamie Van Doren this afternoon, Sunday, November 20, at 1:30 PM EST

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