Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Skaggs Drummer, Tom Roady, Dies On Tour Bus

Some very sad news for our friend, Ricky Skaggs. While on his latest Christmas tour, Tom Roady, Skaggs's drummer died on the tour bus of what is believed to have been a heart attack. The drummer had played for legendary acts like James Brown, Art Garfunkel, Wilson Pickett, and Emmylou Harris. Skaggs also told the press that Roady had been fighting stomach cancer for the last five years.

The band had pulled into a Hampton Inn, in Clemson, SC. After members checked into the hotel, they attempted to awake Roady, but he was not responsive.

Skaggs and the band went ahead with their show and bravely shared with the crowd, "Our good friend Tom Roady has gone to Glory".

I wish the Ricky Skaggs Kentucky Thunder Band along with the family of Tom Roady well and I'm keeping them covered in prayer. Hope that you will too. Ricky,and his wife, Sharon White, are great friends and amazing Christian people.

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