Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mindy McCready Needs A Sky Full Of Angels To Put Her Back Together

Update!!!!! Mindy's pregnant with twins. Poor kids.

I was a huge fan of the Sky Full Of Angels, singing star when she had her first few hits. Shortly after success, Mindy McCready, sorta fell out with a lot of people in Nashville. From neighbors, to labels, boyfriends, to name some. Then later domestic voiolence, alcohol, drug rumors, a sex tape, and Celebrity Rehab. YIKES. Lindsay Lohan has nothing on Mindy McCready....well maybe youth and an hour glass figure......

Anyway..Mindy's people released the following statement. SCARY!

Mindy McCready--UpdateStatement from Kat Atwood/Music City News Media,publicity representative for Mindy McCready.NASHVILLE, Tenn (November 30, 2011)--In regard to the misleading "missing reports" surrounding Mindy McCreadyand her son, Zander:McCready and son are safe, healthy and comfortable.

No Amber Alert has been issued; this is not a missing child case. Ms.McCready has not been charged with illegal wrongdoings. Ms. McCready'snumber one priority has always been, and continues to be, the safety ofher son. The 5-year old boy has been with his mother for more than 30days; law enforcement officials spoke with the child and saw Zander viaskype yesterday.

Ms. McCready has been awaiting an order following recent court hearingswhich concluded on November 4, 2011 regarding whether her child could bereturned to her, and if not, whether he (Zander) would continue in thecare of her mother, Gayle Inge [NOTE: Ms. McCready is currently involvedin litigation with Ms. Inge surrounding Inge's false statements as published by the National Enquirer.]

Since, at least January, 2011, Ms. McCready has been desperately advisingthe court, and others involved in the Ft. Myers, Florida proceedings, thatZander is in danger, both physically and emotionally, at Inge's home. Asa direct result of being a mother (not an actress, not a singer), Ms.McCready took action to ensure her son's safety.

She is encouraging a discovery investigation at this time. Mindyappreciates sentiments of interest, thoughts and prayers, and looksforward to a final, truthful resolution.



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